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The most important philosophy and effectively the only mission of this website is to actively participate and substantially contribute for the natural formation of a strong National and Global interfaith movement respecting sentiments, core principles and values of all Religions of Humankind to create and promote a True ALL FAITH - Classless and Casteless Society (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam*) as envisaged by the Maharishis and Seers of Vedic Religion, which is committed to guarantee self realization at individual level and the attainment of universal peace at mundane level.

*Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (“vasudha’, the earth; “iva’, is ; and “kutumbakam’, family) is a Sanskrit phrase that means that the whole world is one united (single) family.

The concept originates in the Vedic scripture Maha Upanishad (Chapter 6, Verse 72):

ayam bandhurayam neti ganana laghuchetasam udaracharitanam tu vasudhaiva kutumbakam

Only small men (with narrow mindedness) discriminate saying: One is a relative; the other is a stranger. For those who live magnanimously with expansion of mind, the entire world constitutes but a family.

All the contents of our portal are based upon the Vedic guidance rendered by the great sages, scholars and learned authors through sastras, satsangs, literature, books and advices. However the practice of the same is to done by the individuals as per their own best judgment. We do not guarantee or assure the correctness of the contents by the scale of the so called modern science.



Guru Bhagavan
Alangudi Sthala varalaru, doshams and remedial measures


(The 108 names of Guru)
Aum gurave namah
Aum gunakaraya namah
Aum goptre namah
Aum gocaraya namah
Aum gopatipriyaya namah
Aum gunive namah
Aum gunavatam shrepthaya namah
Aum gurunam gurave namah
Aum avyayaya namah
Aum jetre namah
Aum jayantaya namah
Aum jayadaya namah
Aum jivaya namah
Aum anantaya namah
Aum jayavahaya namah
Aum amgirasaya namah
Aum adhvaramaktaya namah
Aum viviktaya namah
Aum adhvarakritparaya namah
Aum vacaspataye namah
Aum vashine namah
Aum vashyaya namah
Aum varishthaya namah
Aum vagvacaksanaya namah
Aum citta-shuddhi-karaya namah
Aum shrimate namah
Aum caitraya namah
Aum citrashikhandijaya namah
Aum brihad-rathaya namah
Aum brihad-bhanave namah
Aum brihas-pataye namah
Aum abhishtadaya namah
Aum suracaryaya namah
Aum suraradhyaya namah
Aum surakaryakritodyamaya namah
Aum girvanaposhakaya namah
Aum dhanyaya namah
Aum gishpataye namah
Aum girishaya namah
Aum anaghaya namah
Aum dhivaraya namah
Aum dhishanaya namah
Aum divya-bhushanaya namah
Aum deva-pujitaya namah
Aum dhanurddharaya namah
Aum daitya-hantre namah
Aum dayasaraya namah
Aum dayakaraya namah
Aum dariddya-nashanaya namah
Aum dhanyaya namah
Aum daksinayanasambhavaya namah
Aum dhanurminadhipaya namah
Aum devaya namah
Aum dhanurbana-dharaya namah
Aum haraye namah
Aum angarovarshasamjataya namah
Aum angirah kulasambhavaya namah
Aum sindhu-desha-adhipaya namah
Aum dhimate namah
Aum svarnakayaya namah
Aum catur-bhujaya namah
Aum heman-gadaya namah
Aum hemavapushe namah
Aum hemabhushanabhushitaya namah
Aum pushyanathaya namah
Aum pushyaragamanimandanamandi kasha-pushpa-samanabhaya namah
Aum indradyamarasamghapaya namah
Aum asamanabalaya namah
Aum satva-guna-sampadvibhavasave bhusurabhishtadaya namah
Aum bhuriyashase namah
Aum punya-vivardhanaya namah
Aum dharma-rupaya namah
Aum dhana-adhyaksaya namah
Aum dhanadaya namah
Aum dharma-palanaya namah
Aum sarva-veda-artha-tattva-jnaya namah
Aum sarva-padvinivarakaya namah
Aum sarva-papa-prashamanaya namah
Aum svramatanugatamaraya namah rigveda-paragaya namah
Aum riksarashimargapracaravate sada-anandaya namah
Aum satya-samdhaya namah
Aum satya-samkalpa-manasaya namah
Aum sarva-gamajnaya namah
Aum sarva-jnaya namah
Aum sarva-vedanta-vide namah
Aum brahma-putraya namah
Aum brahmaneshaya namah
Aum brahma-vidya-avisharadaya namah
Aum samana-adhi-kanirbhuktaya namah
Aum sarva-loka-vashamvadaya namah
Aum sasura-asura-gandharva-vanditaya satya-bhashanaya namah
Aum brihaspataye namah
Aum suracaryaya namah
Aum dayavate namah
Aum shubha-laksanaya namah
Aum loka-traya-gurave namah
Aum shrimate namah
Aum sarva-gaya namah
Aum sarvato vibhave namah
Aum sarveshaya namah
Aum sarvadatushtaya namah
Aum sarva-daya namah
Aum sarva-pujitaya namah

Disclaimer: All the articles by Guruji are based upon the Vedic and spiritual guidance, scriptures, and interpretations rendered by the ancient wisdom of great sages, religious authorities, Guruji´s decades of research in Vedic Metaphysics, hereditary and intuitive divine inputs from Guruparampara. However the practice of the same is to be done by the individuals as per their own best judgment. We do not guarantee or assure the correctness of the contents by the scale of the so called modern science which, may not be applicable or appropriate to interpret or assess the Infinite Faith.