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Invocation to Lord Vinayaka:

O Lord Ganesa, your holy feet took a special place in my consciousness. You have five arms: four feet and a trunk; your face bears the majesty of an elephant; your one tusk exceeds the beauty of the waxing crescent moon. Your wisdom is pure and without par; you are the dear child of Nandi. (Nandi is the Vahana or the living transport of Lord Shiva. It is a white bull with a black tail. As a matter of submission and humility, the tail is tucked in, and the feet and face are in repose. It is a charging bull made tame by Lord Shiva. Nandi represents a devotee (of Shiva) whose passions are under control and whose devotion to Shiva is perfect. Some postulate Nandi was Shiva in animal form (theriomorphism) and when Shiva assumed a human form (anthropomorphism), Nandi transformed to its innate state. Animal form shows more authenticity in its representation of certain qualities than a human form and thus Nandi is important in that respect. Indus valley excavations bore many seals, gracing bulls on their face.

Yama, the god of death, treats Siva and his devotees with extreme deference ever since his minions (yama dutas) came to capture Siva´s devotee, Markendeya, the likes of who are under the protection of Lord Siva who is Supreme to all gods.

There is no God like lotus-like Siva, whose matted hair shines in splendor. Without him, there will be no celestials, no austerity, and no liberation. He is the father, the mother and the guru. He is Nandi, the bull, who is regarded as the formless form of Siva. He holds the worlds in their spheres in the high Heavens, and he is the Fire, the Sun, the Moon, the Mother of rain clouds, the mountains and the oceans. Men and gods come and go, Siva is eternal. Why do the celestials, gods and men go after the transient gods? He, with the third eye, is the Supreme, and he is mainly concerned with his devotees. Mal (Vishnu) who strode the earth in one pace, Brahma who sits on the Lotus seat and the gods who know heaven, have not found the ends and depths of him. He transcends them all and his glance is his Grace. He transcends the Mayan, Vishnu, Brahma, and his own forms Isan (Rudra), Hara, and Mahesvara. He is Brahma, Vishnu and Hara and sits in the heart of all souls where his divine splendor knows no contraction.

His abode is the holy mountain of Kailas that reverberates with thunder and pervades with the fragrance of flowers. He confers wealth to Kubera, kills the elephant-monster Gaja Mukhsura, who had the temerity to challenge the Supreme Lord, and confers freedom from birth to Vishnu, Brahma and other celestials. He seeks those who seek him and saves their souls. He controls the god of Fire who once was put down and put out by the Lord in the Northern seas, when his rage was consuming the world. He stands by those who sing his praises and seek his feet as their refuge. He gives refuge to those who shake off their faulty perceptions and thoughts and stands by them with kindness. Maya comes to nothing to those who kneel before him who is birthless and deathless and who never lets down those who seek him. He becomes visible in the guise of a guide to those who give their body, mind and soul to the Lord. Tirumular: 'He is the kin that I wait to see and clutch his feet and he is the axle-rod that holds the wheels together firmly in my heart. I seek knowledge from him, just like a calf seeks milk from the cow.´ He shows the path when we follow his path of goodness, sing his praise, and adore him. Those, who worship the Lord of the soul will break their bonds, cross the ocean of Samsara , and reach the other shore (become one with Pati.)