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photoAgamic Psychology

For Thirumular , psychology is NOT an ancillary science that simply tells the personality structure of people , their different motivational dynamics and so forth. In developing what we call Agamic Psychology, the intentions are larger that of serving the religious needs of all. Psychology must be practiced as an integral part of religious life that demands the UNDERSTANDING the presence of BEING which has immense significance for regulating one's behavior. The value systems of the believers and nonbelievers are NOT the same and sane and meaningful behavior or praxis comes to prevail only when there is an UNDERSTANDING of the presence of BEING as always there and hence there even now, that BEING is there beyond time and hence nontemporal, the ever present.

Thirumular is emphatic that each and every one should strive towards gaining this understanding for himself. Unless one does this, NO ONE ELSE can bring about this understanding for him. Here we see Thirumular's distrust of the so many who go around claiming they are the only ones qualified to instruct others on the truth of BEING by virtue of birth, training, special gifts and what not. No , he says no one else except oneself who can LEARN and be absolutely sure of the presence of BEING.

Each one must become a psychologist and must examine his own body, its functioning and so forth. He would then realize that there is the self there and then the self itself being animated by a life-force that is ultimately a gift of BEING who is present within as the illuminating Light and animating principle.

But the body must be examined as a TEXT with a duality of structure. If one examines it purely as a physical stuff, like the sky and so forth and remain fixated to the physicality of it all, we will remain trapped in the physicalism and hence immensely confused. We shall FAIL to attain that real MEANING for existence that would provide the solid foundation for organizing behavior as a whole, and secure a THAT-FOR-WHICH existence is.

We must become HERMENEUTIC in our efforts to understand the bodily functions, how it is organized in so many different and complex ways. For only then we shall see the presence of the psyche within and presence of BEING as the life-force that really animates the psyche. The body is simply a mass of physical stuff if not for the presence of psyche. In the same mannaer the psyche is NOTHING if not for the animating presence of BEING within it. It is BEING as the Illuminating Light and Animating Principle who gives MEANING to the psyche by working within and thereby help out the psyche to organize and stabilize itself.

1. The Meaningful Behavior


irupatamaavatu iravum pakalum
uruvatuvaavatu uyirum udalum
aruLatuvaavatu aRamum tavamum
poruLatu uLninRa pookamataamee


The metaphysical realms are constituted by the ignorance breeding Nights and illuminations fostering Days. As aresult of this conflict and as the power of aruL emerges the anmas with a body and psychic being. And within the existence thus founded there are the right WAYS and various spiritual disciplines as an expression of this aruL. And within these stands aruL also as the MEANING of all, the enjoyment of Absolute Illumination and the joys in attaining it.

2: The Metaphysical Praxis of Existence

kandaR kariyan karuttilan natiyun
tiiNdaRkunj caartaRkunj ceeyanaat toonRidum
veendik kidantu viLakkoLiyaal nenjsam
iiNdik kidantu angku iruL aRumaamee

Meaning :

BEING stands rather difficult to witness directly even through various kinds of transductive perceptions. Also HE isnot someone who appears within the thought processes that seek to determine HIS essences. And furthermore HE isalso beyond being touched by in whatever manner. Even as the abstract indeterminate object HE is so distant that HE is not someone we can grasp and repose as the firm ground. But despite all these problems in encountering
BEING , if we persist in seeking HIS GRACE relentlessly, then that will emerge as the LIGHT of AbsoluteIllumination and will plough the mind dispelling the DARKNESS there from beginningless times.


kuRippinin uLLee kuvalayam toonRum
veRuppiruL niingkil vikirtanum niRkunj
ceRippuRu cintaiyaic cikkena naadil
aRippuRu kaadci amararu maamee


The World of BEING is accessed only as the MEANING of the metaphorical, mythical and such other symbolicelements of life. And as one accesses this WORLD through appropriate interpretive strategies, and the mind is flooded with the LIGHT that dispels the metaphysical DARKNESS induced by aaNavam, then slowly BEING begins to beappear as there. Now we pursue the inner dynamics of such metaphysical reaches (hermeneutic) scientifically, then we can witness many other archetypal presentations of BEING that have remained inaccessible thus far. And as one
continues to witness such DIVINE realities, one also gets transformed into a divine-like being.

3. Being Illuminated and Growing up as Person


teerntu aRiyaamaiyin cenRana kaalangkaL
peerntaRivaan engkaL pinjnjakan emmiRai
aarntaRivaar aRivee tuNaiyaamenac
caarntaRivaan peruntanmai vallaanee


Because unconcerned with Absolute Illumination that allows disengaging oneself from Temporality, existence continueswith time wasted on useless matters. BEING, though does not have a form of HIS own , however assumes countlessnumber of archetypal forms and standing within the understanding of all creatures understands all as it is. And those whowithdraw deep into themselves and seek to understand everything exactly as shown by BEING within and thereby begin
to enjoy the Absolute Illumination that begins to glow spontaneously , will attain many rare gifts of BEING and grow tobe one capable of great achievements.

4. Growth is Individual


taanee yaRiyum vinaikaL azintapin
naanee yaRikilan nanti aRiyungkol
uunee yuruki uNarvai uNarntapin
teenee anaiyan nanteevar piraanee


When the innate prejudices that block off the enjoyment of Absolute Illumination are destroyed by flooding the interior with the Grace of BEING, the soul on its own and without the help of anyone else begins to enjoy it. I did not come to enjoy it through the intellectual efforts of my own. BEING knows that whoever tries hard in this way is bound to fail. But abandoning arid intellectual efforts and if one pursues with the heart melting with genuine LOVE , the Absolute Illumination begins to dawn in the inner horizon. When one begins to enjoy this, BEING , the Lord of all the deities and who graces thus will also be understood as sweet as honey.

5: One Must Teach Oneself


naanaRinteen anRee irukkinRatu iicanai
vaanaRintaar aRiyaatu mayangkinar
uunaRintu uLLee uyirkkinRa oNcudarai
taanaRiyaan pinnai yaar aRivaaree


I have understood beyond any shadow of doubt the presence of BEING as ONE who is always there. It isunfortunate that those who are absorbed in the physical realms such as the sky, remain ignorant of His presence intoxicated as they are with the physical. However those who examine the workings of the physical body, will note the presence of the psyche within and the presence of BEING as the life-force there. And if one does not understand the presence of BEING within his soul thus, who else will understand it?

6: Experiencing Truth and Mental Cure


aruL engkumaana aLavai aRiyaar
aruLai nukara amutaanatun teeraar
aruL aingkarumattiRku aticuukkam unnaar
aruL engkung kaNNaanatu aar aRivaar.


The ordinary individuals do not seem to know that it is aruL that becomes the measure of TRUTH in all states of consciousness -- the wakeful , dream states and so forth. They also do not seem to appreciate that it is the experiencing of truths that serve as the ambrosia that would grant both good mental and physical health. And furthermore they do not reflect and understand that ultimately it is aruL that remains the source of the the five fold para-praxis that pervades the whole universe. And furthermore they don't seem to be aware also the fact that it is aruL that serves as the eyes for the all the creatures that would enable them to SEE as such and generate consciousness.

7. Allowing BEING to Form Us


aRivil aNuka aRivathu nalkip
poRivazi yaacai pukuttip puNarntiddu
aRivatu vaakki adiyaruL nalkunj
ceRivodu ninRaar civam aayinaaree.


BEING provides the necessary metaphysical illuminations for those individuals who seek their understanding itself as that which needs to be understood. They will realize that BEING does not bless them with the Absolute Illumination immediately but rather in stages where they are at first given a body and impelled to inquire into metaphysical matters through sensorial perceptions in the course of which He discloses Himself in various archetypal forms thereby allowing the anmas intuit His Presence and understand Him. Furthermore by impelling further inquiries through these archetypal forms, discloses HIS Grace continuously to further illuminate them. Those who live steadfast with this clarity will finally destroy their Ego and shine forth in existence as BEING himself.

8.It is All Grace


aruLil piRantiddu aruLil vaLarntiddu
aruLil azintu iLaippaaRi maraintiddu
aruLaana aanantattu aaramutu uuddi
aruLaal en nanti akam pukuntanee


Even though I did not attempt in any way BEING entered my Being on his own accord and because of His Grace. This is how how I understand this. It is because of the Grace that I have a birth with a body and other utensils and within this birth I have been impelled to act to gain GRACE discard the evil and retain the good and thereby develop as a person. Also it is also because of Grace that there is death where I am freed from a worn-out body and after resting in some space without a body resume worldly existence with a new body , rejuvenated in the process. And throughout all these HE fed me with the ambrosia that helped me to enjoy the Supreme Bliss and thereby enjoy existence itself.
9.It is the Grace of BEING that Provides the Real Sustenance


aruLaal amutap perungkadal aaddi
aruLaal adipunaintu aarvamun tantiddu
aruLaana aanantattu aaramutu uuddi
aruLaal ennanti yakam pukuntaanee


While for the ordinary individuals the Kundalini is fed in a limited manner as if from a pot, but for those valiant individuals who dare to go the WAY of TRUTH, the same Kundalini is fed as if of the vast oceans so that they do not get ever exhausted. And furthermore, the same ambrosia is fed from within in terms of new meanings for actions so that such individuals do not attain a state of not knowing what to do and become idle. Overcome with grace BEING also feeds pleasures after pleasures of various kinds to keep up the motivational dynamics. And in order to do these effectively HE entered my self out of Grace and on His own accord.
10. The Workings of Grace

paacattil iddatu aruL antap paasattin
neecattai viddatu aruL anta neecattail
kuucaRRa mutti aruL antak kuuddattin
neecattil toonRaa nilai aruLaamee


It is the Grace of BEING that emplaced me in various kinds of worldly attachments so that I would be interested in learning the worldly matters and destroy the inherent Ignorance pertaining to the physical. It is also the workings of AruL or Grace of BEING that freed me from these worldly interests when I had learned what needs to be learned. Thus freed it is also aruL that at that point provided me the final releasement by emplacing me to be with Him forever. And furthermore it is also aruL that in that ONENESS with HIM, my ego with the I-ness and so forth was not allowed to emerge at all and hence a state of Being with self purified of its ego tendencies.

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