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Ganesh Namavali

AUM akalmashhaaya namaH .

AUM agnigarbhachchide namaH .

AUM agraNye namaH .

AUM ajaaya namaH .

AUM adbhutamuurtimate namaH .

AUM adhyakkshaaya namaH .

AUM anekaachitaaya namaH .

AUM avyaktamuurtaye namaH .

AUM avyayaaya namaH .

AUM avyayaaya namaH .

AUM aashritaaya namaH .

AUM indrashriipradaaya namaH .

AUM ikshuchaapadhR^ite namaH .

AUM utpalakaraaya namaH .

AUM ekadantaaya namaH .

AUM kalikalmashhanaashanaaya namaH .

AUM kaantaaya namaH .

AUM kaamine namaH .

AUM kaalaaya namaH .

AUM kulaadribhettre namaH .

AUM kR^itine namaH .

AUM kaivalyashukhadaaya namaH .

AUM gajaananaaya namaH .

AUM gaNeshvaraaya namaH .

AUM gatine namaH .

AUM guNaatiitaaya namaH .

AUM gauriiputraaya namaH .

AUM grahapataye namaH .

AUM chakriNe namaH .

AUM chaNDAya namaH .

AUM chaturaaya namaH .

AUM chaturbaahave namaH .

AUM chaturmuurtine namaH .

AUM chandrachUDAmaNye namaH .

AUM jaTilaaya namaH .

AUM tushhTaaya namaH .

AUM dayaayutaaya namaH .

AUM dakshaaya namaH .

AUM daantaaya namaH .

AUM duurvaabilvapriyaaya namaH .

AUM devaaya namaH .

AUM dvijapriyaaya namaH .

AUM dvaimaatreeyaaya namaH .

AUM dhiiraaya namaH .

AUM naagaraajayaGYopaviitavate namaH .

AUM niraN^janaaya namaH .

AUM parasmai namaH .

AUM paapahaariNe namaH .

AUM paashaa.nkushadharaaya namaH .

AUM puutaaya namaH .

AUM pramattaadaityabhayataaya namaH .

AUM prasannaatmane namaH .

AUM biijaapuuraphalaasaktaaya namaH .

AUM buddhipriyaaya namaH .

AUM brahmachaariNe namaH .

AUM brahmadveshhavivarjitaaya namaH .

AUM brahmaviduttamaaya namaH .

AUM bhaktavaaJNchhitadaayakaaya namaH .

AUM bhaktavighnavinaashanaaya namaH .

AUM bhaktipriyaaya namaH .

AUM maayine namaH .

AUM munistutyaaya namaH .

AUM muushhikavaahanaaya namaH .

AUM ramaarchitaaya namaH .

AUM laMbodaraaya namaH .

AUM varadaaya namaH .

AUM vaagiishaaya namaH .

AUM vANIpradaaya namaH .

AUM vighnaraajaaya namaH .

AUM vidhaye namaH .

AUM vinaayakaaya namaH .

AUM vibhudeshvaraaya namaH .

AUM viitabhayaaya namaH .

AUM shaktisamyutaaya namaH .

AUM shaantaaya namaH .

AUM shaashvataaya namaH .

AUM shivaaya namaH .

AUM shuddhaaya namaH .

AUM shuurpakarNaaya namaH .

AUM shailendratanujotsaN^gakelanotsukamaanasaaya namaH .

AUM shriikaNThAya namaH .

AUM shriikaraaya namaH .

AUM shriidaaya namaH .

AUM shriiprataye namaH .

AUM sachchidaanandavigrahaaya namaH .

AUM samastajagadaadhaaraaya namaH .

AUM samaahitaaya namaH .

AUM sarvatanayaaya namaH .

AUM sarvariipriyaaya namaH .

AUM sarvasiddhipradaaya namaH .

AUM sarvasiddhipradaayakaaya namaH .

AUM sarvaatmakaaya namaH .

AUM saamaghoshhapriyaaya namaH .

AUM siddhaarchitapadaaMbujaaya namaH .

AUM siddhidaayakaaya namaH .

AUM sR^ishhTikartre namaH .

AUM somasuuryaagnilochanaaya namaH .

AUM saumyaaya namaH .

AUM skandaagrajaaya namaH .

AUM stutiharshhitaaya namaH .

AUM sthulakaNThaaya namaH .

AUM sthulatuNDAya namaH .

AUM svaya.nkartre namaH .

AUM svaya.nsiddhaaya namaH .

AUM svalaavaNyasutaasaarajitamanmathavigrahaaya namaH .

AUM haraye namaH .

AUM hR^IshhThaaya namaH .

AUM GYAnine namaH .

.. iti shrii vinaayaka ashhTottarashata naamaavalii saMpuurNam.h ..