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Hari Om

The most important philosophy and effectively the only mission of this website is to actively participate and substantially contribute for the natural formation of a strong National and Global interfaith movement respecting sentiments, core principles and values of all Religions of Humankind to create and promote a True ALL FAITH - Classless and Casteless Society (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam*) as envisaged by the Maharishis and Seers of Vedic Religion, which is committed to guarantee self realization at individual level and the attainment of universal peace at mundane level.

*Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (“vasudha’, the earth; “iva’, is ; and “kutumbakam’, family) is a Sanskrit phrase that means that the whole world is one united (single) family.

The concept originates in the Vedic scripture Maha Upanishad (Chapter 6, Verse 72):

ayam bandhurayam neti ganana laghuchetasam udaracharitanam tu vasudhaiva kutumbakam

Only small men (with narrow mindedness) discriminate saying: One is a relative; the other is a stranger. For those who live magnanimously with expansion of mind, the entire world constitutes but a family.

All the contents of our portal are based upon the Vedic guidance rendered by the great sages, scholars and learned authors through sastras, satsangs, literature, books and advices. However the practice of the same is to done by the individuals as per their own best judgment. We do not guarantee or assure the correctness of the contents by the scale of the so called modern science.


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Hotels, vaastu guidance

Hotels and Restaurants are built for the public as a business centre where people come and stay temporarily for some time and after having rest, meals, etc. proceed on for their destination. Thus the benefits of hotel and restaurant are two folds - to the customers restaurants for good and delicious food, and for decent comfortable stay as 'paying guest'. The better this arrangement, the more is the popularity and fame of the hotel or restaurant in the country and outside. It is possible only when the construction of hotels and restaurants is done according to the principles of Vaastu Shastra. Surely then these will be beneficial and profitable to the customers (Travelers) and the concerned people.

The following important facts must be kept in mind while establishing and running a hotel/restaurant business so as to make it progressive and profitable.

(1) The building should be constructed on a plot having rectangular, square, circular, Bhadrasanakar, quadrangular, hexagonal, octagonal, singhmukhakar shape. This gives all round profits.

(2) If there are roads on all the four sides or on the north and east, it is auspicious and beneficial.

(3) Slope of the land should be towards the north-east.

(4) Building should be constructed in such a way that the north and east portion remains mostly open.

(5) Furnace, burner (Chulha), electric transformer, gas room and kitchen should be kept in the south-east portion.

(6) Rooms for the stay of travelers (Customers) should be constructed in the south-west.

(7) Dining hall and restaurant in the west in always auspicious.

(8) Swimming pool, underground water tank, wells, bore-well etc. should be constructed in the north-east where only these are auspicious; overhead water tank should always be in the south west.

(9) Large open ground, lawn, and space for organising conferences etc. in open should be maintained.

(10) Arrangements in the rooms for stay of travelers should be made in such a way that the beds are in south or west portion and the person may sleep with feet towards north or west only.

(11) T.V. and Telephone be kept on right and left side of the bed.

(12) Attached toilet should be provided in the north-west or between the south and south-west corner. Bath room in the east or north or west only.

(13) Store for raw materials required for the hotel and cloak-room (for the bag and baggages of the customers) should be there in the north.

(14) Main door should be singhmukhi and it should be built in proper according to Vaastu-rules by dividing the length of the side in nine parts.

(15) Permanent store should be kept in south-west so that this corner is always heavy.

Hotel complex
After the site is selected, taking into consideration,levels, roads and angles etc., one has to plan the open spaces for lawns and car parking. While cellar could be designed for car parking, for kitchen stores and for servant stay etc., the ground floor could be used for reception,and restaurant. As the area required for kitchen has to be sufficiently big, with
light and ventilation, it is better that kitchen is planned on ground floor earmarking complete south-east portion for ovens, grinders and vegetable cutting etc.
On first floor they could plan conference halls, and more restaurant area if necessary and the upper floors could be used for rooms. Care has to be taken that the balconies are provided in east or north. The toilets should be avoided in
north-east side of the rooms. Store rooms with huge stocks should be in south or west, or south-west.

Air-conditioning Plant: A.C. equipment is to be kept in
south-east of the complex and there from it is to be operated. It should never be installed in north-east under any circumstances.

Electrical Generators and Transformers: These are to be installed in south-east direction.

Wash Basins: It is not advisable to keep wash basins in the centre of halls even for convenience sake. Wash basins are to be arranged in north or east or north-east of halls.

Main Entrances of Restaurants: It is better to have main entrance in east or north or north-east directions. If it is to be kept in west direction, it should be towards north-west but not in south- west under any circumstances. If it is forced to keep main entrance in south, it advisable to keep it in south-east rather than south -west.

Mezzanine Floor: Mezzanine floor in any hall have to be
provided along west or south walls.

Cash Counter and Reception: These may be provided in south-west with elevated platforms but if it is provided in
north-west or other places the floor level should not be higher than south-west.

Water Bodies: Swimming pools, water ponds, fountains, borewells, and sumps etc.; have to be planned in north or east and north east.

This research article is submitted by Guruji Dr. K. Venkatesan, BE, MTech, EdD, PhD, DDiv

Disclaimer: All the articles by Guruji are based upon the Vedic and spiritual guidance, scriptures, and interpretations rendered by the ancient wisdom of great sages, religious authorities, Guruji´s decades of research in Vedic Metaphysics, hereditary and intuitive divine inputs from Guruparampara. However the practice of the same is to be done by the individuals as per their own best judgment. We do not guarantee or assure the correctness of the contents by the scale of the so called modern science which, may not be applicable or appropriate to interpret or assess the Infinite Faith.