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(i)Mix a fruit of yellow and short variety plantain (Musa sapientum L ) with little cow's urine. Take this mixture internally to get relief from Asthmatic attack.

Musa sapientum L
English - Plantain(Amruthapani variety
Hindi -Mar
Telugu - Amruthapani
Tamil -Kadalai
Kannada -Vali

(ii)Put 5 to 10 drops of Neem seed oil (Azadiracta indicaf L) in a betal leaf and close it. Eat it two times in a day to get relief from Asthma with in a week.

Azadirachta indica L
English - Neem tree
Hindi - Nim
Telugu - Vepa
Tamil -Vembu
Kannada - Bevu

(iii)Eat seeds of Soapnut (Sapindus emarginatus L ) regularly to control Asthma.

Sapindus emarginatus L
English - Soapnut
Hindi -Ritha
Telugu - Kunkudu
Tamil - Naikot
Kannada -Ariakai

(iv)Take a cup of Coffee(Coffea arabica L) seed decoction regularly in the morning on empty stomach to get relief from Asthma.

Coffea arabica L
English - Coffee
Hindi - Kafi
Telugu - Kapi vittulu
Tamil - Coffee

(v)Take fresh flowers of Gigantic Swallow wort (Calotropis gigantea (L) R.Br.ex Ait) and Black pepper (Piper nigrum L) in equal quantities and make a fine paste. Make small pills of 400 m.grs. and dry them. One pill two times a day will give relief from Asthma.

Calotropis gigantea (L) R.Br.ex Ait
English - Gigantic Swallow wort
Hindi - Aak
Telugu - Jilledu
Tamil - Erukku
Kannada -Ekka

Piper nigrum L
English - Black pepper
Hindi - Gol mirch
Telugu - Miriyalu
Tamil -Arish
Kannada -Olle Menasu