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Eat 2 to 3 dry Date fruits (Phoenix dactylifera L ) daily early in the morning for relief from constipation.

Phoenix dactylifera L
English - Arabian datepalm
Hindi - Khajur
Telugu - Kharjuramu
Tamil - Kuruvam
Kannada - Karjura

(ii)cook each 40 grams of Rice (Oryza sativa L) Crystal sugal and dry rose petals (Rosa centifolia L) in half litre of milk and add 40 grams of Ghee to it. Take this recipe to induce purgation. Purgations can be continued by drinking normal water and stopped by hot water.
This procedure followed once in two months will prevent all stomoch disorders.

Oryza sativa L
English - Rice
Hindi - Chaval
Telugu - Vari
Tamil - Arisi
Kannada - Akki

Rosa centifolia L
English - Pale Rose
Hindi - Gulab
Telugu - Gulabi
Tamil - Irosa
Kannada - Gulabi

(iii)Boil Barley (1 part) (Hordeum vulgare L ) in water (12 parts) to prepare Barley water. Drink 200 ml. Barley water daily adding 1 to 2 table spoons of Honey to have unstrained defecation.

Hordeum vulgare L
English - Barley
Hindi - Jawa
Telugu - Barli Biyyam
Tamil - Barli Yarisi
Kannada - Java godhi

(iv)Eat riped Papaya fruits (Caricaf papaya L ) early in the morning daily.

Caricaf papaya L
English - Papaya
Hindi - Papaya
Telugu - Boppayi
Tamil - Pappayi
Kannada - Parangi

(v)Bread or Chapati prepared with whole wheat flour (unbolted flour of Triticum Sativum Lam) eaten regularly will prevent and remove constipation in a natural way. This method is more beneficial than using medicines.

Triticum Sativum Lam
English - Wheat
Hindi - Gehun
Telugu - Godhumalu
Tamil - Godhumai
Kannada - Godhi

(vi)Prepare powder with equal quantities of Bishops weed (Carum capticum Benth. & Hook) and Bjidalava vanam (A type of salt). Take daily 3 grams of powder mixed with 250 ml. of fresh butter milk, to get relief from constipation.

Carum capticum Benth. & Hook
English - Bishops Weed
Hindi - Ajowan
Telugu - Vamu
Tamil - Amam
Kannada - Oma