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Gingivitis(Bleeding Gums)

(i)Boil the leaves of Guava plant (Psidium guajava L) with double water and garle the resultant decoction two or three times a day to control Gingivitis.

Psidium guajava L
English - Guava
Hindi - Amruth
Telugu - Jama
Tamil - Koyya
Kannada - Jama Phala

(ii)Prepare decoction of Black Babool bark (Acaciaarabica Willd.) add a pinch of Alum and use the mixture for gargling. It will reduce pain and swelling in the gums and teeth.

Acaciaarabica Willd.
English - Black Babul
Hindi - Babul
Telugu - Nalla Tumma
Tamil - Karvuve Lam
Kannada - Babbuli

(iii)Gargle the juice of Black plum leaves (Syzygium cumini (Linn) Skeels. S.) to get relief from swelling and pain in the gum. The gums will become stronger.

Syzygium cumini (Linn) Skeels. S
English - Black plum
Hindi - Jamun
Telugu - Neredu
Tamil - Arugudam
Kannada -Neralu

(iv)Garle with the decoction of Mango leaves (Manigifera indicaf L). It is useful in diseases of teeth, swelling of gums, dental pain and sotmatitis or sore mouth.

Manigifera indicaf L
English - Mango tree
Hindi - Aam
Telugu - Mamidi
Tamil - Iradam
Kannada -Rasala