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Premature Jaculation
Pus in the ear

Premature Ejaculation

(i)Mix equal quantities of Hyacinth Bean seeds (Dolichos lablab L) and crystal sugar and eat regularly to increase the density of Semen and to control the premature ejaculation.

Dolichos lablab L
English - Hyacinth bean
Hindi - Bhaja vasu
Telugu - Anumulu
Tamil - Avarai
Kannada - Anvare

(ii)Dry the Banyan fruits (Ficus bengalansis L) in shade and powder them. Take 6 grams of powder early in the morning with cows milk to promote the production of Semen.

Ficus bengalansis L
English - Banyan tree
Hindi - Bar
Telugu - Marri
Tamil - Alam
Kannada - Vata