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Premature Jaculation
Pus in the ear

Pus in the Ear

(i)Add 40 grams of Black Bafhool flowers (Acacia arabica Willd) to 100 ml of Mustard oil (Brassica Juncea L) and boil until the mixture gets colour.Allow it to cool, filter and store in a moist free clean bottle. Drop 2 to 3 drops of oil in the affected ear regularly for a week to control the pus in the Ear.

Acacia arabica Willd
English - Black Babul
Hindi - Babul
Telugu - Nalla Tumma
Tamil - Karuvelam
Kannada - Babbuli

(ii)Heat Alum in a earthern or iron hot plate until the residual moisture is evaporated and prepare powder. Dissolve 100 mgs. of Alum powder in 5 ml. of womens breast milk and drop in the ears to cure pus in the ear. This should be done one to two times a day.