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Ring worm

Ring Worm

(i)Mix the oil extracted from Chalmogra seeds (Hydnocarpus wightiana Blume.) with equal quantity of Bee Wax or Vaseline and apply externally on the skin to get relief from Ring-worm, itching and prevent formation of undesirable spots on the skin.

Hydnocarpus wightiana Blume
English - Chalmogra
Telugu - Neridi
Tamil - Maravitti
Kannada - Garudu Phala

(ii)Burn hard shells of Coconut (cocos nuciferaf L) in fire. Apply the oil oozed out from the burning shells on the Ring Worm patches to get complete relief.

cocos nuciferaf L
English - Coco;lnut
Hindi - Narial
Telugu - Narikala
Tamil - Edagam
Kannada - Kobbari

(iii)Powder the seeds of Bastered Teak (Butea frandosa Koen-ex-Roxb) and mix with Lemon juice (Citrus medica fvar. acida Watt) and apply on the Ring Worm patches.

Butea frandosa Koen-ex-Roxb
English - Bastard Teak
Hindi - Chickra
Telugu - Moduga
Tamil - Palasu
Kannada - Mothuga

Citrus medica fvar. acida Watt
English - Lemon
Hindi - Neembu
Telugu - Nimma
Tamil - Elumichchou
Kannada - Limbe