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photoHindu Baby names for Male child

Abhay {fearless}, Abhijat {noble, wise}, Abhijay {total victory}, Abhijit /Abhijeet {one who is victorious, a star}, Abhinav {quite new}, Abhinandan {congratulation}, Abhilash {wish / desire}, Abhisar {companion}, Abhishek {shower of milk / water over an idol}, Achal {stable/ soul}, Achalraj {Himalayan mountain}, Achintya {beyond comprehension}, Achyuta {indestructible, one who is firm}, Adarsh {ideal}, Aditya {sun}, Agastya {a saint in Hindu mythology}, Agendra {Himalayan mountain}, Agraj {leader, senior}, Aghosh {quiet, soundless}, Aagney {born from fire}, Ajatashatru {without enemies}, Ajay {unconquerable, invincible}, Ajar {one who is not old}, Ajit / Ajeet {unconquerable }, Ajitabh {one who has conquered the sky}, Akash {sky}, Akhilesh {lord of the universe}, Akshay {indestructible, immortal}, Akshat {uninjurable, one who cannot be harmed}, Alok {cry of victory, invisible}, Aalok {a ray of light}, Amal {bright, clean, pure}, Amar {forever, immortal}, Ambar {sky, cloth cover}, Ambuj {born from water, lotus}, Ambud {cloud}, Ameya {boundless, magnanimous}, Amish {honest}, Amit {endless, boundless}, Amitabh {one with endless splendor}, Amitava {same as Amitabh}, Amitesh {infinite god}, Amogh {unerring}, Amod {happiness}, Amol {priceless, valuable}, Amrit {nectar}, Amulya {priceless}, Anand {bliss}, Anandmoorti {happiness personified}, Anant {infinite}, Anantram {eternal god}, Anagh {sinless}, Angada - bracelet, brother of Wali & Sugreev}, Angak {son}, Anil -God of wind}, Anilkumar {son of wind ( Hanuman )}, Animesh {one with big beautiful eyes}, Anirudhha {independent, unstoppable}, Anish {supreme}, Anjan {eye liner}, Ankit {conquered}, Ankur {sprout}, Ankush {control}, Anoop / Anup {incomparable, the best }, Anuj {later born, younger}, Anupam {incomparable}, Anurag {attachment, devotion, love}, Anshu {ray of light}, Anshul {radiant, bright or intelligent person}, Anshuman {Sun}, Apoorva / Apurva {extraordinary}, Arihant - one who has killed his enemies}, Arjun {peacock}, Arnav {ocean, sea}, Arun {sun}, Arvind {lotus}, Ashish {blessing}, Ashok {one without sorrow}, Ashutosh {one who becomes happy easily, Shiva}, Ashwatthama {fiery tempered}, Ashwini {one of the constallations}, Ashvin - a cavalier}, Atmajyoti {light of soul ( atma)}, Atal {stable, unavoidable}, Ateet {past}, Atul {matchless}, Atulya {unweighable, incomparable}, Avichal {unmovable}, Avinash - indestructible}, Avanindra {king of the earth}, Avanish {God of the earth},

Badrinath { Lord of Mount Badri, Vishnu }, Badri prasad { Gift of Badri }, Balraj { mighty, powerful }, Balram { Lord Krishna's brother }, Balveer { powerful ( Balbeer ) }, Baldev { Godlike in power, Balram }, Balaaditya { rising sun }, Balachandra { young moon }, Balendu { young moon }, Balakrishna { young Lord Krishna }, Balamani { young jewel }, Balamohan { one who is good looking, attractive }, Balaji { name of Lord Vishnu }, Balashankar { young Lord Shiva }, Bankimchandra { half moon }, Bansi { flute }, Bansilal { Lord Krishna }, Barindra { ocean }, Basant { season of spring }, Basdev { fire }, Bhadrakapil { Lord Shiva }, Bhadrashree { Sandalwood Tree }, Bhadresh { Lord Shiva }, Bhagat { devotee }, Bhagwant { God / Bhagwan }, Bhagesh { Lord of richness }, Bhagirath { one who brought Ganga on Earth }, Bhairav { one with frightening voice, Lord Shiva }, Bhanu { sun }, Bhanudas { devotee of the sun }, Bhanuprakash { sun light }, Bhanumitra { friend of sun / Planet Mercury }, Bhanuprasad { gift of sun }, Bharat { India, universal monarch }, Bharadwaj { a lucky bird, Planet Mars }, Bhargav { Lord Shiva }, Bhaskar { sun }, Bhadrak { handsome }, Bhadraksh { one with beautiful eyes }, Bhavesh { Lord of the world, Lord Shiva }, Bhawanidas { devotee of Godess Durga }, Bhim { fearful }, Bholanath { Lord Shiva }, Bhoumik { land owner }, Bhumindra { king , lord of the land }, Bhupal { king }, Bhupati { King }, Bhupen { king }, Bhupendra { king }, Bhupesh { king }, Bhudev { Lord of earth }, Bhushan { ornament }, Bhuvan { Palace, one of the three worlds }, Bhuvanesh { Lord of the Earth ( Bhuvaneshwar ) }, Bindusar { an excellent pearl }, Bipin { forest }, Bhamhaghosh { chanting or recitation of Vedas }, Bhamhanand { happiness for knowledge }, Brijmohan { Lord Krishna }, Brijkishor { Lord Krishna }, Brijnandan { Lord Krishna }, Brijesh { God of the land of Brij }, Buddhadev { Wise person, Gautam Buddha }, Buddhapriya { one liked by Buddha }, Budhil { wise person }

Chaitanya {knowledge , life}, Chakradhar {one who carries Chakra (Krishna, Vishnu)}, Chakrapani {Lord Vishnu}, Chaman {a garden}, Champak {Champa ( flower ) , Pagoda ( flower )}, Chandra {moon}, Chandrabhushan {Lord Shiva}, Chandradatt {gift from the moon}, Chandradhar {one who wears moon i.e. Lord Shiva}, Chandrahas {bow of Lord Shiva}, Chandraj {Mercury planet}, Chandrak {peacock feather, moon}, Chandrakant {a gem related to moon, moon}, Chandranath {moon }, Chandarmouli {Lord Shiva}, Chandrashekhar {one who holds moon in his hair knot (Lord Shiva)}, Chandranshu {moon ray, Lord Vishnu}, Chandresh {Lord of the moon}, Chandan {sandalwood}, Charan {feet}, Charandas {servant at the feet of somebody}, Charanjit {one who has won over the Lord ( Charanjeet )}, Charudutta {born of beauty}, Chaturanan {one with four heads i.e. Lord Bramha}, Chaturvedi {one who knows all the 4 Vedas}, Chetan {life, living creature}, Chhailbehari {Lord Krishna}, Chidambar {one whose heart is as grand as the sky}, Chidanand {Lord Bramha }, Chinmay {full of knowledge, happiness}, Chintamani {philosopher's stone, a wishing stone ( gem )}, Chintan {thought}, Chirag {lamp}, Chiranjeev {long lived, immortal}, Chiranjeet, Chirayu {immortal }, Chitraksh {beautiful eyed}, Chitragupta {Lord Yama's helper who is records all deeds}, Chittaranjan {one who pleases the mind}, Chittaswarup {the supreme spirit}, Chittaprasad {happiness}, Chittesh {ruler of mind}, Chudamani {the best, crest Jewel},

Daruka {deodar tree}, Dattatreya {son of Atri, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu}, Dattey {Lord Indra}, Dakshesh {Lord Shiva}, Damodar {Lord Krishna}, Dasharath {one with 10 chariots, Lord Ram's father}, Daya {mercy}, Dayanand {one who likes being merciful or kind}, Dayanidhi {kind person}, Dayasagar {extremely kind, sea of mercy}, Dayaswarup {merciful}, Deendayal {one who has mercy on the downtrodden or poor}, Deenbabdhu {brother ( or helper) of poor people}, Deepak {lamp, kindle}, Deepankar {one who lights lamps}, Deependra {Lord of light}, Deependu {moon}, Deepesh {Lord of light , sun}, Deeptanshu {shining light, sun}, Deeptendu {shining moon}, Devarsi {sage of Devas}, Devdas {servant of Lord , a servant of temple}, Devidas {servant (devotee) of Godess}, Devadutt {gift from God}, Devanand {joy of god}, Devguru {teacher of Gods ( Brihaspati )}, Devraj {king of Gods ( Lord Indra)}, Devashish {blessing of the Gods( Debashish )}, Devesh {God of Gods}, Devang {part of God}, Devendra {king of Gods}, Devilal {son of Godess}, Deviprasad {gift of a Godess}, Devkinandan {son of Devki - (Lord Krishna)}, Dhananjay {one who wins wealth, Lord Arjun, Lord Vishnu.}, Dhananad {pleasure of having wealth}, Dhanaraj {king of wealth ( Kuber )}, Dhanesh .... Lord of wealth ( Kuber, Vishnu )}, Dhanvantari {doctor of Gods}, Dharesh {king, Lord of land}, Dharma {law ( religious)}, Dharmadev .... Lord of law}, Dharmesh {master of religion}, Dharmendra {king of religion}, Dheeraj {bravery}, Dhiren {one who is strong, powerful}, Dhirendra {Lord of the brave}, Dhruv {pole star, unperturbed}, Dhaval {fair complexioned}, Digamber {nacked, Lord Shiva}, Dilip {King, ancestor of Lord Rama}, Dinanath {saviour of the downtrodden or poor}, Dinesh {sun, God of the day}, Dinkar {sun}, Dinpal {sun}, Divakar {sun}, Divyanshu {divine light, sun}, Divyesh {sun}, Divyendu {bright moon}, Duranjaya {a heroic son}, Durgadutt {gift from Godess Durga}, Durgadas {servant ( a devotee ) of Godess Durga}, Durgesh {Lord of fort}, Durjaya {difficult to conquer, Lord Vishnu}, Durvish {one who cannot be affected by poison (Lord Shiva)}, Dwarkanath {Lord of Dwarka (Lord Krishna)}, Dwarkadhish {ruler of Dwarka (Lord Krishna)}, Dwijendra {moon}, Dwijesh {moon},

Ekalinga {Lord Shiva}, Ekanga {a bodyguard}, Eknath {a famous poet-saint of India}, Esh {God}, Eshwar {God}, Eshwardutt {gift of God},

Gagan {the sky, heaven}, Gajanan {one with an elephant face ( Lord Ganesh)}, Gajendra {elephant king (Lord Airavat)}, Gajendranath {owner of Gajendra (Lord Indra)}, Ganaraj {Lord of the clan}, Ganesh {son of Lord Shiva & Parwati , the elephant -headed God}, Gandharaj {king of scent , Sandal - wood}, Gandharva {musicians of Gods}, Gangadhar {one who wears Ganga (Lord Shiva), ocean}, Gangadutt {gift of Ganga}, Gangesh {Lord Shiva}, Gaurang {fair complexioned}, Gaurav {honor, respect, pride}, Gaurikant {husband of Gauri ( Lord Shiva)}, Gaurinandan {son of Gauri (Lord Ganesh, Kartikeya )}, Gaurinath {Husband of Gauri ( Lord Shiva)}, Gaurishankar {Lord Shiva and Gauri ( Parvati )}, Gaurish {Lord Shiva}, Geet {song}, Ghanashyam {dark cloud, Lord Krishna}, Ghanapriya {lover of clouds ( peacock )}, Ghanendra {lord of clouds (Lord Indra )}, Girish {God of mountain (Lord Shiva)}, Giriraj {Lord of mountain ( Himalaya )}, Girilal {son of mountain}, Giridhar {one who holds ( lifts ) mountain (Lord Krishna)}, Girijanandan {son of Girija (Lord Ganesh)}, Govind {cowherd (Lord Krishna)}, Gopal {Lord Krishna, cow herd}, Gopan {protection}, Gunaratna {jewel of virtue}, Gulab {rose}, Guru {master, teacher , one who shows the path}, Gurbachan {promise or words of the guru}, Gurdeep {lamp of the guru}, Gurdayal {compassionate guru}, Gurcharan {feet of the guru}, Gurmeet {friend of the guru}, Gurnam {name of the guru}, Gursharan {refuge at the guru}, Gurudas {servant of the guru}, Gurudutt {gift of the guru},

Hansaraj {king of Swans}, Hanuman {a devotee of Lord Ram, son of Anjani}, Haresh {Lord Shiva}, Harish {Lord Shiva, king of Monkeys ( Sugreev )}, Hari {Lord Vishnu, Monkey}, Harilal {son of Hari}, Harihar {Lord Vishu and Lord Shiva together}, Harishankar {Lord Vishnu and Lord Shankar (Shiva)}, Haridutt {gift of Hari}, Harmendra {moon}, Harsha {delight, Joy}, Harshad {one who gives pleasure}, Harshul {deer}, Harshal {a lover}, Harshvardhan {one who increases joy, happiness}, Hemang {one with shining body}, Hemadri {mountain of gold}, Hemant {one of the 6 seasons ( part of winter )}, Hemachandra {golden moon}, Hemaprakash {golden light}, Hemavatinandan {son of Goddess Parvati ( Ganesh )}, Hemendra {Lord of gold}, Hemaraj {king of gold}, Heramba {boastful, name of Ganapati}, Hemendu {golden moon.}, Himanshu {one radiating cool light ( moon )}, Hiranya {wealth}, Hridaynath {beloved}, Hridyanshu {light from heart, moon}, Hridayesh {king of Heart}, Hrishikesh {one who controls senses, Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu}, Hiresh {king of Gems},

Ilesh {Lord of earth}, Indeever {a blue lotus}, Indra {king of Gods, most strong}, Indradutt {gift of Lord Indra}, Indrajit {conquerer of lord Indra ( Meghnad)}, Indraneel {emerald}, Indubhushan {moon, Shiva}, Induj {mercury planet}, Indukant {moon}, Indushekhar {Lord Shiva}, Inesh {king of kings}, Iresh {Lord of earth, Vishnu}, Ishan {sun, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu}, Ishwar {powerful, the supreme God},

Jagadeesh {Lord of the world, Lord Vishnu , God}, Jagadeep {light of the world}, Jagajeet {conquerer Of the world}, Jagajeevan {life of the world, worldly life}, Jaganarayan {God of the world ( Jagatnarayan )}, Jagannath {Lord of the world}, Jagamohan {one who attracts the world ( Jagatmohan )}, Jagatkishor {World child}, Jagatprakash {light of the world}, Jagatprabhu {God of the world}, Jagatpal {caretaker of the world ( God )}, Jagatveer {bravest in the world ( Jagveer )}, Jagatbehari {world traveler ( Jagvihari )}, Jayadeep {light of victory}, Jaidev {God of victory}, Jaldev {God of water (Lord Varun)}, Jaldhar {one who holds water ( meaning cloud)}, Jalendu {reflection of the moon in water}, Jalbhushan {ornament of water ( means wind)}, Janak {father of Sita according to Ramayana, creator}, Janakinath {Lord Rama}, Janakibhushan {ornament of Janki ( Lord Rama)}, Janakiraman {Lord Rama}, Janardan {one who helps people, Lord Vishnu}, Janesh {king}, Japendu {Lord Shiva}, Japesh {Lord Shiva}, Jasraj {king of fame}, Jasveer {hero of fame, victorious}, Jaswant {victorious ( Yashwant )}, Jawahar {jewel}, Jay {victory}, Jayachand {victory moon}, Jayaditya {victorious sun}, Jayant {victorious, Lord Vishnu}, Jayapal {king, Lord Vishnu, Lord Bramha}, Jayaprakash {light of victory}, Jaysukh {pleasure of victory}, Jayashekhar {crest of victory}, Jayawant {victorious}, Jeevan {life}, Jeevanprakash {light of life}, Jeevesh {God}, Jitendra, Jeetandra {conqueror of Lord Indra}, Jinendra {Lord of life}, Jishnu {triumphant, Arjun}, Jnyandeep {light of knowledge}, Jnyaneshwar {the God of wisdom}, Jograj {Yograj, king of Yoga, Lord Krishna}, Jogindra {Lord Shiva}, Jyotiprakash {light of flame}, Jyotiranjan {happy flame}, Jyotirdhar {one who holds the flame, sun}, Jwalaprasad {Gift of flame},

Kailash {name of a Himalayan peak, abode of Lord Shiva}, Kailasnath, Kailashnath {Lord of mount Kailash ( i.e Lord Shiva )}, Kaladhar {one who shows different phases ( i.e. the moon)}, Kalanath {moon}, Kalanidhi {moon, Lord Shiva}, Kalicharan {feet of Goddess Kali ( Goddess Durga)}, Kalidas {devotee of Godess Kali, name of a famous poet of India}, Kalyan {good, well-being , auspicious,}, Kanha {Lord Krishna}, Kamadev {God of love (lust), Cupid}, Kamal {lotus flower}, Kamalbandhu {Friend or brother of lotus ( sun)}, Kamalesh, Kamaleshwar {God of lotus ( Lord Vishnu) (Kamaleshwar)}, Kamalkant {Lord Vishnu}, Kamalakar {a lake where lotus grows}, Kamalnayan {one with beautiful lotus-type eyes}, Kamalnath {Lord Vishnu}, Kamalaksh {one with beautiful lotus -type eyes}, Kamlapati {Lord Vishnu}, Kamboj {conch shell, elephant}, Kanak {gold}, Kanan {forest}, Kanchan {gold}, Kanhaiya {Lord Krishna}, Kanthamani {necklace jewel}, Kapaali {Lord Shiva}, Kapi {monkey, sun}, Kapidhwaj {one with monkey flag ( Arjun)}, Kapirath {one with monkey or sun on his chariot ( Lord Rama/Arjun)}, Kapil {white, innoccent, Lord Shiva}, Kapilashwa {one with a white horse ( Lord Indra)}, Kapindra {king of monkeys ( Hanuman, Sugreev )}, Karna, Karan {eldest brother of Pandavas, ear}, Karnajeet {conquerer of Karna ( i.e. Arjun)}, Karnapriya {something that is sweet to our ears}, Karnabhushan {ear ring, ear ornament}, Kartik {name of a month from Indian calendar}, Kartikeya {God of war, one born in month of Kartik or Kritika nakshatra}, Karunakar {Very kind}, Karunanidhi {one whose heart is full of kindness}, Kashinath {Lord of Kashi ( Varanasi ) , Lord Shiva}, Kaushal {clever, skilled}, Kaushik {sentiment of love, Vishwamitra}, Kavi { wise man, poet}, Kedar {name of a peak in Himalaya, flower bed}, Kedarnath {Lord of mount Kedar ( Lord Shiva)}, Keshav {having curly hair, Lord Krishna}, Ketan {mark, sign, dwelling}, Keval {only}, Khagendra {king of birds, eagle ( Garuda)}, Khagesh {God of birds (Garuda )}, Kharanshu {sun}, Khushwant {one full of happiness}, Kirit {crown, tiara}, Kiritmani {jewel in the crown}, Kiran {ray}, Kirtan {song of praise}, Kirti {fame}, Kirtibhushan {one adorned with fame}, Kirtivallabh {aspirant of fame}, Kishore {teenager}, Kshitij {horizon}, Kshitidhar {mountain}, Kshiraj {moon, lotus, conch -shell}, Kripanidhi {one with heart full of mercy}, Kripasagar {ocean of mercy}, Krishna {black, dark, Lord Krishna}, Krishnamoorti {idol of Lord Krishna}, Kulvir {Hero of the family}, Kuldeep {heir to the family}, Kuldev {family diety}, Kundan {purified gold}, Kunjabehari {one who roams in kunja (i.e Lord Krishna)}, Kunwar {a prince}, Kusumakar {garden, spring season},

Lakshman {brother of Lord Rama, Prosperous}, Lakshmikant {husband of Lakshmi ( Lord Vishnu), or a rich person}, Lakshminath {Lord Vishnu}, Lakshminarayan {Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu together}, Lakshmipati {husband of Lakshmi ( Lord Vishnu)}, Lakshmiraman {Lord Vishnu}, Lalchand, Lalchandra {red moon}, Lalit {beautiful}, Lalitaditya {a beautiful sun}, Lalitchandra {a beautiful moon}, Lalitesh {God of beauty, husband of a beautiful wife}, Lalitlochan {one with beautiful eyes}, Lalitmohan {beautiful & attractive}, Lohit {red, made of copper, Mars, Bramhaputra river}, Lohitashwa {one with red horse ( Lord Shiva ), Fire}, Lokbhushan {Ornament of the world}, Lokesh {king of world, Lord Bramha, Lord Indra}, Loknath {lord of all worlds, king}, Lokpradeep {Gautam Budha}, Lokprakash {light of the world},

Madan {God of love, cupid, bee}, Madangopal {lovely cowherd ( Lord Krishna )}, Madanmohan {lovely & attractive (Lord Krishna)}, Madhav {sweet like honey, Krishna}, Madhu {honey, nectar}, Madhughosh {sweet sounding}, Madhukar {lover, honey bee}, Madhukant {moon}, Madhusudhana {Lord Krishna, one who killed demon Madhu, bee}, Mahabahu {one with strong arms ( Arjun )}, Mahabali {strong, one with great strength}, Mahadev {most powerful God}, Mahamati {one with big brain ( Ganesh )}, Mahavir {most courageous amongst men}, Mahesh {Lord Shiva}, Maheshkumar {son of Lord Shiva (Ganesh, Kartikey)}, Maheshwar { Lord Shiva}, Mahendra {Lord Indra, Vishnu}, Maheepati {the king}, Mahish {ceremoniously crowned king}, Mahipal {king}, Mahipati {king}, Maitreya {friend}, Makarand {honey, nectar}, Malhar {a raga used in Indian music}, Martand {sun}, Manavendra {king amongst men}, Mandeep {lamp of mind}, Mandhatri {prince}, Manendra {king of mind}, Mangal {auspicious, Mars}, Mangesh {Lord Shiva}, Mani {gem}, Manibhushan {an ornament of jewels, very best jewel}, Manidhar {a mythical snake with jewel in its hood}, Manik {gem}, Maniram {jewel of a person}, Manishankar {Lord Shiva}, Manish {intelligent, God of mind}, Manindra {diamond, lord of mind}, Manjeet {winner of mind}, Manjughosh {sweet sounding recitation}, Manmohan {one who attacts mind}, Mansukh {pleasure of mind}, Manprasad {mentally calm & cool person}, Manoranjan {one who pleases the mind}, Manohar {one who wins over mind, attractive}, Manoj {born of mind, Kamdev}, Manu {founder / father of human beings}, Manuraj {Kuber}, Markandeya {a sage}, Mareechi {ray of light, also name of a constallation}, Maruti {Hanuman, Bhimsen}, Matsendra {king of the fishes}, Mayank {moon}, Mayur {peacock}, Meghnad {thunder}, Meghdutt {gift of clouds}, Meghraj {God of clouds (Lord Indra)}, Mehul {rain}, Mihir {sun}, Mihirkiran {sun ray}, Milind {honey bee, Krishna}, Mitesh {one with few desires}, Mithil {kingdom}, Mithilesh {Lord of Mithila ( Sita's father )}, Mithun {couple}, Mitul {limited, friend}, Mohan {charming, fascinating, Lord Krishna}, Mohanish {attractive God, Krishna}, Mohit {enchanted by beauty}, Mohin {attractive}, Monish {Lord of mind}, Moti {pearl}, Mrigalochan {one with eyes like that of a deer}, Mrigank {moon}, Mrigankmouli {one with moon in his hair ( i.e. Lord Shiva )}, Mrigankshekhar {one with moon on his head (i.e.Lord Shiva)}, Mrigendra {Lord of deers (i.e.lion)}, Mrigesh {lion}, Mrinal {lotus}, Mrinank {moon}, Mrinendra {lion}, Mrityunjay {one who has conquered death}, Mudit {happy}, Mukesh {Lord of the dumb, a cloth made of golden and silver threads, Kamdev}, Muktanand {happiness of freedom}, Mukul {bud, body, earth , soul}, Mukunda {freedom giver, mercury ( element ), jewel, Vishnu, Krishna}, Murali {a flute}, Muralidhar {one holding a flute (i.e. Lord Krishna)}, Murari {Lord Krishna},

Naakesh {moon}, Naagdhar {one who wears cobra ( Lord Shiva)}, Naagendra {Lord of serpents ( Vaasuki )}, Naagesh {God of serpents ( Sheshnaag )}, Naagpal, Nagpal {saviour of serpents ( the cobras )}, Naagpati {King of serpents ( Vaasuki )}, Naagraj {king of serpents, Sheshnaag}, Nabhoj {born in sky}, Nabhomani {jewel of the sky ( sun)}, Nachiketa {fire}, Nadeesh {God of river (ocean)}, Nadeen {ocean}, Nagdhar {one who adornes mountain (Lord Krishna)}, Nagesh {God of mountain ( Himalaya )}, Nagendra {Lord of mountains ( Himalaya )}, Nakhraj {moon}, Nakul {mangoos, 4th Pandav}, Nalin {lotus}, Nalinaksh {lotus -eyed}, Nalinikant {husband of lotus, ( sun)}, Naman {bow, salute}, Namdev {poet, saint}, Namit {bowed down, modest}, Nand {happy}, Nandan {friend , king, son, one who brings happiness}, Nandak {pleasing}, Nandakishor {wiz-kid, Lord Krishna}, Nandakumar {Lord Krishna}, Nandapal {Lord Krishna}, Nandi {one who pleases others, the divine bull}, Nandish {Lord Shiva (Nandishwar)}, Narayana {Lord Vishnu, refuge of man, god}, Naresh {Lord of men}, Narendra {king of men, king}, Narendranath {king of kings, emperor}, Narhari {man-lion ( Nara simha)}, Narottam {best amongst men, Lord Vishnu}, Narsimha {half lion & half man}, Nartan {dance}, Narmad {bringing delight}, Nateshwar {God of drama ( Lord Shiva)}, Natraj {king among actors, Lord Shiva}, Naveen, Navin {new}, Navendu {new moon ( the moon a night after amavasya )}, Navinchandra {same as Navendu}, Navneet {fresh butter, Lord Krishna}, Navratan {nine jewels}, Navrang {beautiful}, Nawal {new, surprise}, Nawalkishor {Lord Krishna}, Nayan {eye}, Neel {blue}, Neelabh {object in the sky ( cloud, moon)}, Neelam {emerald}, Neelamani {blue jewel}, Neelambar {blue-cloth, blue sky}, Neelambuj {blue lotus}, Neelgreev {Lord Shiva}, Neelkamal {blue lotus}, Neelkant {a jewel, Lord Vishnu}, Neelkanth {one with blue neck (e.g. the bird peacock, Lord Shiva)}, Neeraj {born from water (lotus, pearl)}, Nibodh {knowledge}, Nihal {happy, contented}, Nihar {mist, dew, Fog}, Nidhish {lord of treasure (Kuber)}, Niketan {house, abode}, Nikhil {complete, whole}, Nikhilesh {Lord of the universe}, Nikunj {garden}, Nilay {home, abode}, Nilesh, Neelesh {blue God ( Lord Krishna), god of blue sky (i.e. moon)}, Nimish {time for flicker of an eye, moment}, Ninad , Ninaad ... sound, the gentle sound of water}, Nirad {given by water, cloud}, Niraj {born from water ( eg lotus flower, pearl )}, Niramitra {son of pandava Sahadeva}, Niranjan {flawless ( without anjan), Lord Shiva}, Nirajit {lighted}, Niramay {pure, flawless}, Nirankar {with no shape (God)}, Nirbhay {fearless}, Nirdhar {one who holds water ( cloud)}, Nirish {free, without any owner}, Nirmal {clean, pure}, Nirav {without sound, silent}, Nirupam {uncomparable}, Nitin {follower of right path}, Nitish {Lord of correct path}, Nityanand {ever happy, eternal happiness}, Nityasundar {ever good-looking}, Nishad { the 7th note on Indian musical scale, one who eats only in the night}, Nishakar, Nishikar {moon (Lord of night)}, Nishakant, Nishikant {husband of night ( moon)}, Nishant {end of night, dawn}, Nishar {warm cloth}, Nishchal {unmovable, unshakable}, Nishesh {God of night (moon)}, Nishit {sharp, pointed}, Nishith {midnight}, Nishinath {Lord of night (moon) ( Nishipati, Nishipal)}, Nishok {one without sorrow, happy}, Niteesh {the God of law, one well versed in law}, Nityanand {always happy}, Nivrutti {separation from world}, Nripendra {the king of kings},

Ojas {brilliance, shine, glow}, Omkar {sound of Om, divine sound}, Omkarnath {Shiva}, Omanand {joy Of Om}, Omprakash {light Of Om}, Omswarup {like Om}, Oojam {enthusiasm}, Oorjit {powerful, strong}, Ojayit {courageous}, Omprakash {sacred light},

Padmakar { jewel, Lord Vishnu}, Padmakant {husband of lotus ( sun)}, Padmaj {born from lotus ( Lord Bramha)}, Padmadhar {one who holds a lotus ( Lord Vishnu)}, Padmanabh {one with lotus in his navel ( Lord Vishnu)}, Padmapani {Lord Bramha}, Padmabandhu {friend of lotus ( bee , sun )}, Padmalochan {lotus eyed}, Padmakar {lake with lotuses}, Palash {name of a tree ( Kinshuk )}, Pallav {young shoots & leaves}, Panduranga {one with a pale white complexion}, Pankaj {lotus}, Pankajeet {eagle ( Garuda )}, Pannalal {a jewel}, Parag {pollen grains, sandal Wood}, Parantap {conquerrer}, Parmanand {divine happiness}, Paramartha {highest or divine truth}, Paramjeet {highest success}, Paras {a stone ( mythical stone ) which can turn anything into gold}, Parighosh {loud sound}, Parikshit {tested one, son of Abhimanyu}, Paritosh {contentment}, Parees {touch stone}, Paresh {supreme spirit}, Pariket {against desire}, Parindra {lion}, Partha {Arjun, king}, Parthasarathi {charioteer of Partha ( Lord Krishna)}, Parvateshwar {God of mountains ( Himalaya )}, Parvatinandan {son of Parvati ( Ganesh / Kartikeya)}, Pashunath {Lord of animals ( Lord Shiva, lion)}, Pashupati { animal farmer, Lord Shiva}, Pavan {wind}, Pavankumar {Bhim, Hanuman ( son of the wind)}, Pavansut, Pavanputra {son of wind (Bhim, Hanuman)}, Pinak {Bow of Shiva}, Pitambar {yellow cloth, Lord Vishnu}, Piyush {amrit , elixir, drink that makes one immortal}, Prabhat {dawn}, Prabhakar {one which gives light ( eg sun, moon, fire)}, Prabhanjan {dust storm}, Prabhas {brilliance, light}, Prabhav {creation, Lord Vishnu}, Prabir {hero, brave one ( Praveer )}, Prabodh {sound advice, awake}, Prabodhan {knowledge}, Prabuddha {knowledgeable}, Pradarsh {appearance, order}, Pradeep {light, lamp}, Pradhyot {ray of light}, Prafulla {pleasant, cheerful, in full bloom}, Pradnesh {lord of wisdom}, Prahlad {extreme joy, son of Hiranyakashyap}, Prajapati {king, Bramha}, Prajin {kind hearted}, Prajit {kind hearted}, Prajesh {Rohini constallation, v Bramha}, Prakash {light}, Pramath {horse}, Pramesh {master of accurate knowledge}, Pramit {enlightened one, consciousness, definite}, Pramod {happiness}, Pran {life}, Pranad {loud sound, reverberation}, Pranal {waterway}, Pranav { sacred syllable Om}, Pranay {romance}, Praneet {requested}, Pranet {leader}, Prannath {Lord of life ( most beloved person), husband}, Pranshu {tall, Lord Vishnu}, Pranesh {Lord of life (husband, master)}, Praney {obedient}, Prasad {offering to God during pooja}, Prasata {father of Draupad}, Prashant {calm and composed, cool}, Prasoon {flower}, Prasanna {cheerful, pleased}, Pratap {bravery, dignity, majesty}, Prateek {symbol, first word in a sentence}, Prateet {well known, clear}, Prateep {opposite}, Pratosh {extreme delight}, Pratyush {sun}, Praveen {expert, skilled}, Praveer {an excellent warrior, king}, Pravar {chief}, Pravan {bowed down, modest}, Prayag {confluence of Ganga-Jamuna-Saraswati}, Preetam {beloved, husband}, Preetish {God of love}, Preetidutt {gifted with love}, Preetiwardhan {one who increases love}, Prem {love}, Premal {full of love}, Premanand {joy of love}, Pritam {lover}, Prithu {broad, spacious}, Prithvijaj {king of the earth}, Priyadarshan {nice to look at, handsome}, Prayadarshi {one who is liked by all}, Priyanvad {sweet talking person}, Priyaranjan {beloved}, Pukhraj {a yellow jewel}, Puneet {pure, holy}, Pundarik {white lotus}, Purandar {Lord Indra, Lord Vishnu}, Purumitra {friend of city}, Purujit {conqueror of city}, Purushottam {best amongst men, Lord Rama}, Pushkara {blue lotus, fountain, lake}, Pushpak {Kuber's plane taken away by Ravan}, Pushpaj {born from a flower}, Pushpad {who who gives flowers}, Pushpaketu {Kamdev, cupid}, Pushpakar {the Spring season (Vasant ), flower season}, Purnendu {full moon}, Pyarelal {Lord Krishna},

Radhakrishna {Radha & Lord Krishna}, Radheya {son of Radha .i e Karna}, Raghav {born in Raghu Clan ( Rama)}, Raghuveer/vir {brave man of the Raghu clan (Rama)}, Rahul {son of Gautam Buddha}, Raj {king}, Rajan {king}, Rajat {silver}, Rajanikant {lord of night ( the moon)}, Rajaneesh, Rajnish {God of night (moon)}, Rajkumar {prince}, Rajeev, Rajiv {a blue lotus}, Rajendra {emperor, king of kings}, Rajesh {God of kings, emperor}, Rajiv {lotus flower}, Rakesh {lord of the night ( moon )}, Raktakamal {a red lotus}, Ram {Lord Rama, charming}, Ramakant {husband of Rama (i.e. Lord Vishnu)}, Ramakrishna {Rama & Krishna}, Raman {pleasing, beloved, Kamdev}, Ramdas {devotee (a servant) of Rama, Hanuman}, Ramesh {God of Rama (i.e. Lord Vishnu)}, Ramanuja {born after Lord Rama i.e. Lakshman}, Randheer {one who shows bravery & boldness in war}, Ranganath {Lord Vishnu}, Ranjan {pleasing act}, Ranjeet {victor in wars}, Rasraj {king of liquids ( mercury -element ), romance ( Shringar ras)}, Rateesh {God of Ratee, husband of Ratee ( Kamdev)}, Ratnakar {mine of jewels, Kuber, sea}, Ratnesh {G od of jewels ( Kuber)}, Ravi {Sun, fire}, Ravinandan {son of sun ( Karna )}, Ravindra {sun}, Ravindranath {Lord Vishnu}, Ravinshu {Kamdev ( Cupid )}, Ravikiran {sun ray}, Ripudaman {one who defeats his enemies}, Rishi {sage, ray of light}, Rishabh {morality}, Rohan {climbing or ascending something, developing, increasing}, Rohit {red, sun, red flower}, Rohitashwa {one with red horse, fire}, Rochan {red lotus, bright}, Rudra {angry, Lord Shiva}, Rupesh {Lord of beauty}, Rupak {sign, feature, acting}, Rupin {embodied beauty}, Rujul {simple, honest}, Rutajit {conquerer of truth}, Ritujeet, Rutujit {conquerer of seasons},

Sachetan {awake, rational}, Sachin {Lord Indra}, Sagar {ocean, sea}, Sagardutt {gift of ocean}, Sadanand {always joyous, Lord Vishnu}, Sadashiv {one who always does good, Lord Shiva}, Sahastrabahu {one with thousand arms, Lord Shiva}, Sahastrajit {victor of thousands, thousand times victorious, Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu}, Salaj {water which flows from melted ice from mountain}, Salil {water}, Samar {war}, Samarendra {Lord of war, Lord Vishnu}, Samarjit {victorious in war, Lord Vishnu}, Sambodh {complete knowledge}, Samir / sameer {breeze}, Sampat {well to do}, Samrat {emperor}, Samudra {sea}, Sanat {Lord Bramha}, Sandeep { lighted lamp, to lighten up}, Sanjay {victory, Lord Shiva, Dhritarashtra's minister}, Sanjeev {one who can bring back the dead to life, life, love}, Sanjog {coincidence}, Sankara, Shankar {Lord Shiva}, Sapan {dream Swapna}, Santosh {happiness}, Sarasvat {learned}, Sarang {spotted deer, moon, sun, Lord Krishna}, Sarvesh {master of all, God, king}, Satish {god of truth}, Satya {truth}, Satyadarshi {one who can see the truth}, Satyajit {victory of truth}, Satyamurty {statue of truth}, Satyanarayan {Lord Vishnu}, Satyaprakash {light of truth}, Satyavan {one who speaks truth}, Satyavrat {one who has taken the vow of truth}, Satyendra {Lord of truth ( Satyen), elixir , amrit}, Saurav {divine, celestial}, Saurabh {fragrance, mango, saffron}, Savitendra {sun}, Senajit {conquerer of an army}, Shailendra {king of mountains, Himalaya}, Shakunt {blue jay}, Shalin {modest}, Shambhu {Lord Shiva}, Shankar {Lord Shiva, auspicious}, Shankhdhar {one who carries a conch shell ( Lord Vishnu)}, Shankhapani {same as Shankhadhar}, Shankhi {ocean, Lord Vishnu}, Shaktidhar {powerful one, Kartikeya}, Sharad {name of a season}, Sharatchandra {moon in Sharad season}, Sharvarish {moon}, Shailesh {God of mountain, Himalaya}, Shami {fire, name of a tree}, Shashee {moon}, Shashank {moon}, Shashibhushan {one who wears moon as ornament (Lord Shiva)}, Shashidhar {one who carries moon (Lord Shiva)}, Shashikant {moon stone}, Shashikar {moon ray}, Shashipushpa {lotus}, Shashishekhar {one with moon at the top of head - Lord Shiva}, Shashwat {ever lasting, continuous}, Shardul {tiger}, Shatrughna {destroyer of enemies, Lord Rama's brother}, Shatrunjay {one who defeats enemies}, Shail {mountain}, Shailesh {God of mountain ( Himalaya)}, Shailendra {God of mountain ( Himalaya)}, Shaildhar {one who holds mountain ( Lord Krishna)}, Shekhar {mountain peak}, Sheshdhar {one who holds Shesha (snake) - Lord Shiva}, Shikhar {mountain peak}, Shirish {name of a tree}, Shishir {name of a season, cold}, Shiv {Lord Shiva, auspicious, lucky}, Shivanand {one who is happy in Lord Shiva's thoughts or Shiva's worship}, Shivkumar {son of Lord Shiva (Ganesh, Kartikeya) ( Shivanandan )}, Shivshekhar {one at the top of Shiva (moon)}, Shree {Mr, God}, Shreedhar {husband of Lakshmi ( Lord Vishnu)}, Shreekant {husband of Shree(Lakshmi) ( Lord Vishnu ), beautiful}, Shreekanth, shrikanth {Shiva}, Shreekumar , shrikumar {beautiful}, Shreekrishna , shrikrishna {Krishna}, Shreenivas , shrinivas {abode of Lakshmi (vaikunth, Vishnu)}, Shreyas {superior}, Shubhranshu {moon, camphor}, Shvetang {fair complexioned}, Shvetank {having a white mark}, Shwetbhanu {moon}, Shwetambar {one who wearswhite clothes, Lord Shiva}, Shwetanshu {moon}, Shyam {dark blue, black}, Shyamal {black, dark blue}, Shyamsundar {dark and handsome, Lord Krishna}, Siddharth {the blessed one, Buddha, white mustard}, Siddhanath {Mahadev (Lord Shiva)}, Sitaram {Sita & Lord Rama}, Sohan {good looking}, Somanshu {moon ray}, Somnath {lord of moon (Lord Shiva)}, Somkar {moon light}, Somprakash {moon light}, Snehal {friendly}, Srikant {lover of wealth}, Srinivas {abode of wealth}, Sriram {Lord Rama}, Sridhar {wealthy person}, Subodh {sound advice, easily understood}, Subhadr {gentleman}, Subhas {shining}, Subhash {soft spoken}, Suchir {eternal}, Sudarshan , sudarsh {good looking}, Sudeep {bright}, Sudeepta {bright}, Sudesha {good country}, Sudeva {good Deva}, Sudhakar {mine of nectar, moon}, Sudama {meek or humble person, Lord Krishna's pauper friend}, Sudhanshu {moon, camphor}, Sudhindra {God of wisdom}, Sudhir {resolute, brave}, Sudhish {Lord of excellent intellect}, Sughosh {one with melodious voice}, Sugriva {one with graceful neck, king of monkeys}, Suhas {one with beautiful smile/ laughter}, Sujat {belonging to a good clan}, Sujan {a good person}, Sujit {victory}, Sukanth {one with a sweet voice, one with graceful neck}, Sukarma {one who does good deeds}, Sukhdev {god of happiness}, Sukhwant {full of happiness, pleasant}, Sukrant {extremely beautiful}, Sukumar {handsome, soft, tender}, Sulabh {easy to get}, Sulalit {graceful}, Sumant {king's minister, intelligent person}, Sumanyu {heaven}, Sumit {well measured}, Sumitr {good friend}, Sumitranandan {sons of Sumitra (Lakshman & Shatrughna)}, Sunam {good name ( fame)}, Sunandan {happy}, Sunay {best neeti, best path of life}, Sundar {beautiful, pleasant to the eyes/ears}, Sunil {dark blue, red lotus, pomegranate tree}, Suparn {one with nice feathers ( Garud)}, Suraj {sun (Surya)}, Suresh {godof suras (Lord Indra)}, Surendra {lord of suras (Lord Indra)}, Surjeet {conquerer of the suras ( sur - god, opposite of Asur(demon) )}, Surnath {Lord Indra, lord of suras}, Surya {sun}, Suryabhan {sun}, Suryakant {loved by the sun, a shining crystal}, Suryaprakash {sunlight}, Sushant {quiet, peaceful person}, Sushil {virtuous}, Sutosh {one who becomes happy easily}, Suvrata {strict in religious vows (Subrata)}, Suyash {good result, victory}, Swagat {welcome}, Swaraj {liberty, freedom}, Swarup {figure}, Swapnesh {king of dreams}, Swapnil {seen in a dream, dreamy},

Tanay {son}, Tanmay {engrossed}, Tarun {youth , young}, Tapan {summer, the sun}, Tapas {heat, penance}, Tapendra {Lord of heat (sun)}, Taporaj {moon}, Tamish {God of darkness (moon)}, Tarachandra {star & moon}, Tarak {pupil of eye, protector, star}, Tarkesh {God of stars ( moon)}, Tarkeshwar { Lord Shiva}, Taran {raft, heaven}, Tarani {boat, sun}, Tarang {wave}, Taresh {God of the stars ( moon)}, Tarun {youthful}, Tathagat {Buddha}, Tatharaj {Buddha}, Tej {light, lustrous}, Tejas {sharpness}, Tijil {moon}, Tilak {spot of vermillion or sandal wood paste on forehead}, Teerth {holy place, sacred water}, Timin {large fish}, Tridev {hindu Trinity ( Bramha, Vishnu & Mahesh - the creator, sustainer, destroyer)}, Trilochan {one with three eyes ( Lord Shiva)}, Trilok {the 3 worlds ( heaven, earth, hell)}, Trilokchand {moon of the three worlds}, Tulasidas {servant of Tulsi ( basil )}, Tungar {high, lofty}, Tungesh {moon}, Tushar {mist, fine drops of water},

Uday {to rise}, Udayan {up rising}, Udbhav {creation, to arise from}, Uddhav {a festival, Sacrificial ( Yagya ) fire,}, Udeep {flood}, Udit {grown, shining, awakened}, Ujesh {one who bestows light}, Ujjwal {bright, clear}, Ulhas {delight, joy}, Umachandra {Uma ( Goddess Parvati) and Lord Shiva}, Umakant {husband of Uma ( Lord Shiva)}, Umang {enthusiasm}, Umesh {God of Uma ( Lord Shiva)}, Unmesh {blowing, opening, flash}, Upanshu {chanting of hymns or mantras in low tone}, Upendra {an element}, Ushapati {husband of dawn (sun)}, Uttam {best}, Utkarsh {prosperity, awakening}, Utpal {a water lily, fleshless},

Vagish {God of speech ( Lord Brahma)}, Vaninath {Husband of Goddess Saraswati}, Vaibhav {richness}, Vajramani {diamond}, Vallabh {dear, beloved}, Vaman {short}, Vandan {salutation}, Varun {God of the water, neptune}, Vasant {Spring season}, Vasava {Lord Indra}, Vasu {wealth, Lord Vishnu}, Vasudev {Lord Krishna's father, the God of wealth}, Vasupati {rich man}, Vasuman {born of fire}, Ved {sacred knowledge}, Vedprakash {light of Vedic knowledge}, Vedbhushan {one adorned with knowledge of the Vedas}, Veer {brave}, Veerbhadra {the Ashwamedha horse}, Veerendra {Lord of the brave}, Vibhakar {one emitting light ( eg sun, fire)}, Vibhas {luminous}, Vidur {wise, uncle of the Pandavas}, Vidyacharan {learned}, Vidyadhar {demi - god}, Vidyaranya {forest of knowledge}, Vidyasagar {ocean of knowledge}, Vijay {victory}, Vijayant {victorious, Lord Indra}, Vijayketu {flag of victory}, Vikas {development, expanding}, Vikram {praiseworthy act, record, the sun of valor}, Vikramendra {king of prowess}, Vikrant {powerful,}, Vilas {acts leading to happiness}, Vimal {pure}, Vimaladitya {clean sun}, Vimalmani {pure jewel (crystal)}, Vinay {good manners, modesty}, Vinayak {Ganesh, Buddha}, Vineet {modest}, Vinod {happy, full of joy}, Vipan {sail, small trade}, Vipin {forest, woods}, Vipinbehari {forest wanderer}, Viplav {drifting about, revolution}, Vipul {plenty}, Viraj {resplendent, splendour}, Virat {very big}, Virochan {moon, fire}, Virat {very big, giant proportioned}, Vishal {huge, broad, great}, Vishnu {Lord Vishnu, the preserver}, Vishnudutt {gift of Lord Vishnu}, Vishwa {earth, universe}, Vishwajit {one who conquers the universe}, Vishwakarma {architect of the universe}, Vishwalochan {eyes of the universe (sun, moon)}, Vishwambhar {all pervading one, Lord Vishnu}, Vishwanath {God of universe, Lord Vishnu}, Vishwankar {creator of the universe}, Vishwamitra {friend of the universe}, Vishwas {faith, trust}, Vishwatma {universal soul}, Vittanath {owner of money ( Kuber )}, Vivek {judgement, ability to distinguish between good & bad}, Vivekanand {joy of discrimination}, Vyomesh {Lord of the sky, cloud & water},

Waman {short},

Yadunand, yadunandan {Lord Krishna}, Yadunath {Lord Krishna}, Yamir {moon}, Yash {glory, victory}, Yashodhar {one who has gained fame}, Yashodhan {rich in fame}, Yashwant {one who has achieved glory}, Yashpal {protector of fame}, Yatin {ascetic}, Yogesh {God of Yoga}, Yogendra {again, God of Yoga}, Yudhajit {victor in war}, Yuvaraj {prince, heir apparent}, Yudhisthir {firm in battle}, Yuyutsu {eager to fight},