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.. suurya aShTottarashatanaamavaliH ..

suuryaM sundara lokanaathamamR^itaM vedaantasaaraM shivam.h GYaanaM brahmamayaM sureshamamalaM lokaikachittaM svayam.h ..
indraaditya naraadhipaM suraguruM trailokyachuuDaamaNim.h brahmaa vishhNu shiva svaruupa hR^idayaM vande sadaa bhaaskaram.h ..

OM aruNaaya namaH .
OM sharaNyaaya namaH .
OM karuNaarasasindhave namaH .
OM asamaanabalaaya namaH .
OM aartarakshakaaya namaH .
OM aadityaaya namaH .
OM aadibhuutaaya namaH .
OM akhilaagamavedine namaH .
OM achyutaaya namaH .
OM akhilaGYaaya namaH .. 10..
OM anantaaya namaH .
OM inaaya namaH .
OM vishvaruupaaya namaH .
OM ijyaaya namaH .
OM indraaya namaH .
OM bhaanave namaH .
OM indiraamandiraaptaaya namaH .
OM vandaniiyaaya namaH .
OM iishaaya namaH .
OM suprasannaaya namaH .. 20..
OM sushiilaaya namaH .
OM suvarchase namaH .
OM vasupradaaya namaH .
OM vasave namaH .
OM vaasudevaaya namaH .
OM ujjvalaaya namaH .
OM ugraruupaaya namaH .
OM uurdhvagaaya namaH .
OM vivasvate namaH .
OM udyatkiraNajaalaaya namaH .. 30..
OM hR^ishhiikeshaaya namaH .
OM uurjasvalaaya namaH .
OM viiraaya namaH .
OM nirjaraaya namaH .
OM jayaaya namaH .
OM uurudvayaabhaavaruupayuktasaarathaye namaH .
OM R^ishhivandyaaya namaH .
OM rugghantre namaH .
OM R^ikshachakracharaaya namaH .
OM R^ijusvabhaavachittaaya namaH .. 40..
OM nityastutyaaya namaH .
OM R^ikaaramaatR^ikaavarNaruupaaya namaH .
OM ujjvalatejase namaH .
OM R^ikshaadhinaathamitraaya namaH .
OM pushhkaraakshaaya namaH .
OM luptadantaaya namaH .
OM shaantaaya namaH .
OM kaantidaaya namaH .
OM ghanaaya namaH .
OM kanatkanakabhuushhaaya namaH .. 50..
OM khadyotaaya namaH .
OM luunitaakhiladaityaaya namaH .
OM satyaanandasvaruupiNe namaH .
OM apavargapradaaya namaH .
OM aartasharaNyaaya namaH .
OM ekaakine namaH .
OM bhagavate namaH .
OM sR^ishhTisthityantakaariNe namaH .
OM guNaatmane namaH .
OM ghR^iNibhR^ite namaH .. 60..
OM bR^ihate namaH .
OM brahmaNe namaH .
OM aishvaryadaaya namaH .
OM sharvaaya namaH .
OM haridashvaaya namaH .
OM shauraye namaH .
OM dashadik.hsaMprakaashaaya namaH .
OM bhaktavashyaaya namaH .
OM ojaskaraaya namaH .
OM jayine namaH .. 70..
OM jagadaanandahetave namaH .
OM janmamR^ityujaraavyaadhivarjitaaya namaH .
OM uchchasthaana samaaruuDharathasthaaya namaH .
OM asuraaraye namaH .
OM kamaniiyakaraaya namaH .
OM abjavallabhaaya namaH .
OM antarbahiH prakaashaaya namaH .
OM achintyaaya namaH .
OM aatmaruupiNe namaH .
OM achyutaaya namaH .. 80..
OM amareshaaya namaH .
OM parasmai jyotishhe namaH .
OM ahaskaraaya namaH .
OM ravaye namaH .
OM haraye namaH .
OM paramaatmane namaH .
OM taruNaaya namaH .
OM vareNyaaya namaH .
OM grahaaNaaMpataye namaH .
OM bhaaskaraaya namaH .. 90..
OM aadimadhyaantarahitaaya namaH .
OM saukhyapradaaya namaH .
OM sakalajagataaMpataye namaH .
OM suuryaaya namaH .
OM kavaye namaH .
OM naaraayaNaaya namaH .
OM pareshaaya namaH .
OM tejoruupaaya namaH .
OM shriiM hiraNyagarbhaaya namaH .
OM hriiM sampatkaraaya namaH .. 100..
OM aiM ishhTaarthadaaya namaH .
OM anuprasannaaya namaH .
OM shriimate namaH .
OM shreyase namaH .
OM bhaktakoTisaukhyapradaayine namaH .
OM nikhilaagamavedyaaya namaH .
OM nityaanandaaya namaH .
OM suuryaaya namaH .. 108..

.. iti suurya aShTottarashatanaamaavaliH sampuurNaM ..

Propitiation of the Sun (Sunday)
suurya biija mantra
AUM hraM hriiM hrauM sah suuryaaya namaH!

CHARITY: Donate wheat, or sugar candy to a middle aged male government leader at 12:00 noon on a Sunday.

FASTING: On Sundays, especially during Sun transits and major or minor Sun periods.

MANTRA: To be chanted on Sunday morning at sunrise, especially during Sun transits and major or minor sun periods:

RESULT: The planetary diety Surya is propitiated increasing courage and notoriety.