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shriilaxmyashhTottarashata naamaavaliH..

OM prakR^ityai namaH |
OM vikR^ityai namaH |
OM vidyaayai namaH |
OM sarvabhuutahitapradaayai namaH |
OM shraddhaayai namaH |
OM vibhuutyai namaH |
OM surabhyai namaH |
OM paramaatmikaayai namaH |
OM vaache namaH |

OM padmaalayaayai namaH |
OM padmaayai namaH |
OM shuchaye namaH |
OM svaahaayai namaH |
OM svadhaayai namaH |
OM sudhaayai namaH |
OM dhanyaayai namaH |
OM hiraNmayyai namaH |
OM laxmyai namaH |

OM nityapushhTaayai namaH |
OM vibhaavaryai namaH |
OM adityai namaH |
OM ditye namaH |
OM diipaayai namaH |
OM vasudhaayai namaH |
OM vasudhaariNyai namaH |
OM kamalaayai namaH |
OM kaantaayai namaH |

OM kaamaaxyai namaH |
OM krodhasaMbhavaayai namaH |
OM anugrahapradaayai namaH |
OM buddhaye namaH |
OM anaghaayai namaH |
OM harivallabhaayai namaH |
OM ashokaayai namaH |
OM amR^itaayai namaH |
OM diiptaayai namaH |

OM lokashokavinaashinyai namaH |
OM dharmanilayaayai namaH |
OM karuNaayai namaH |
OM lokamaatre namaH |
OM padmapriyaayai namaH |
OM padmahastaayai namaH |
OM padmaaxyai namaH |
OM padmasundaryai namaH |
OM padmodbhavaayai namaH |

OM padmamukhyai namaH |
OM padmanaabhapriyaayai namaH |
OM ramaayai namaH |
OM padmamaalaadharaayai namaH |
OM devyai namaH |
OM padminyai namaH |
OM padmagandhinyai namaH |
OM puNyagandhaayai namaH |
OM suprasannaayai namaH |

OM prasaadaabhimukhyai namaH |
OM prabhaayai namaH |
OM chandravadanaayai namaH |
OM chandraayai namaH |
OM chandrasahodaryai namaH |
OM chaturbhujaayai namaH |
OM chandraruupaayai namaH |
OM indiraayai namaH |
OM indushiitalaayai namaH |

OM aahlaadajananyai namaH |
OM pushhTayai namaH |
OM shivaayai namaH |
OM shivakaryai namaH |
OM satyai namaH |
OM vimalaayai namaH |
OM vishvajananyai namaH |
OM tushhTayai namaH |
OM daaridryanaashinyai namaH |

OM priitipushhkariNyai namaH |
OM shaantaayai namaH |
OM shuklamaalyaaMbaraayai namaH |
OM shriyai namaH |
OM bhaaskaryai namaH |
OM bilvanilayaayai namaH |
OM varaarohaayai namaH |
OM yashasvinyai namaH |
OM vasundharaayai namaH |

OM udaaraa.ngaayai namaH |
OM hariNyai namaH |
OM hemamaalinyai namaH |
OM dhanadhaanyakarye namaH |
OM siddhaye namaH |
OM straiNasaumyaayai namaH |
OM shubhapradaaye namaH |
OM nR^ipaveshmagataanandaayai namaH |
OM varalaxmyai namaH |

OM vasupradaayai namaH |
OM shubhaayai namaH |
OM hiraNyapraakaaraayai namaH |
OM samudratanayaayai namaH |
OM jayaayai namaH |
OM ma.ngaLaa devyai namaH |
OM vishhNuvaxassthalasthitaayai namaH |
OM vishhNupatnyai namaH |
OM prasannaaxyai namaH |

OM naaraayaNasamaashritaayai namaH |
OM daaridryadhv.nsinyai namaH |
OM devyai namaH |
OM sarvopadrava vaariNyai namaH |
OM navadurgaayai namaH |
OM mahaakaalyai namaH |
OM brahmaavishhNushivaatmikaayai namaH |
OM trikaalaGYaanasaMpannaayai namaH |
OM bhuvaneshvaryai namaH |

.... iti shriilaxmyashhTottarashata naamaavaliH..