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Sarasvati Ashhtotra Naamaavalih

shrii sarasvati ashhTottarashata naamaavaliH

OM sarasvatyai namaH |

OM mahaabhadraayai namaH |

OM mahaamaayaayai namaH |

OM varapradaayai namaH |

OM shriipradaayai namaH |

OM padmanilayaayai namaH |

OM padmaaxyai namaH |

OM padmavaktrakaayai namaH |

OM shivaanujaayai namaH |

OM pustakabhR^ite namaH |

OM GYaanamudraayai namaH |

OM ramaayai namaH |

OM paraayai namaH |

OM kaamaruupaayai namaH |

OM mahaavidyaayai namaH |

OM mahaapaataka naashinyai namaH |

OM mahaashrayaayai namaH |

OM maalinyai namaH |

OM mahaabhogaayai namaH |

OM mahaabhujaayai namaH |

OM mahaabhaagaayai namaH |

OM mahotsaahaayai namaH |

OM divyaa~Ngaayai namaH |

OM suravanditaayai namaH |

OM mahaakaalyai namaH |

OM mahaapaashaayai namaH |

OM mahaakaaraayai namaH |

OM mahaa.nkushaayai namaH |

OM piitaayai namaH |

OM vimalaayai namaH |

OM vishvaayai namaH |

OM vidyunmaalaayai namaH |

OM vaishhNavyai namaH |

OM chandrikaayai namaH |

OM chandravadanaayai namaH |

OM chandralekhaavibhuushhitaayai namaH |

OM saavityai namaH |

OM surasaayai namaH |

OM devyai namaH |

OM divyaala.nkaarabhuushhitaayai namaH |

OM vaagdevyai namaH |

OM vasudaayai namaH |

OM tiivraayai namaH |

OM mahaabhadraayai namaH |

OM mahaabalaayai namaH |

OM bhogadaayai namaH |

OM bhaaratyai namaH |

OM bhaamaayai namaH |

OM govindaayai namaH |

OM gomatyai namaH |

OM shivaayai namaH |

OM jaTilaayai namaH |

OM vindhyaavaasaayai namaH |

OM vindhyaachalaviraajitaayai namaH |

OM chaNDikaayai namaH |

OM vaishhNavyai namaH |

OM braahmayai namaH |

OM brahmaGYaanaikasaadhanaayai namaH |

OM saudaamanyai namaH |

OM sudhaamuurtyai namaH |

OM subhadraayai namaH |

OM surapuujitaayai namaH |

OM suvaasinyai namaH |

OM sunaasaayai namaH |

OM vinidraayai namaH |

OM padmalochanaayai namaH |

OM vidyaaruupaayai namaH |

OM vishaalaaxyai namaH |

OM brahmajaayaayai namaH |

OM mahaaphalaayai namaH |

OM trayiimuurtaye namaH |

OM trikaalaGYaayai namaH |

OM triguNaayai namaH |

OM shaastraruupiNyai namaH |

OM shaMbhaasurapramathinyai namaH |

OM shubhadaayai namaH |

OM svaraatmikaayai namaH |

OM raktabiijanihantryai namaH |

OM chaamuNDaayai namaH |

OM ambikaayai namaH |

OM muNDakaayapraharaNaayai namaH |

OM dhuumralochanamadanaayai namaH |

OM sarvadevastutaayai namaH |

OM saumyaayai namaH |

OM suraasura namaskR^itaayai namaH |

OM kaalaraatryai namaH |

OM kalaadharaayai namaH |

OM ruupasaubhaagyadaayinyai namaH |

OM vaagdevyai namaH |

OM varaarohaayai namaH |

OM vaaraahyai namaH |

OM vaarijaasanaayai namaH |

OM chitraaMbaraayai namaH |

OM chitragandhaayai namaH |

OM chitramaalyavibhuushhitaayai namaH |

OM kaantaayai namaH |

OM kaamapradaayai namaH |

OM vandyaayai namaH |

OM vidyaadharasupuujitaayai namaH |

OM shvetaananaayai namaH |

OM niilabhujaayai namaH |

OM chaturvargaphalapradaayai namaH |

OM chaturaanana saamraajyaayai namaH |

OM raktamadhyaayai namaH |

OM nira.njanaayai namaH |

OM ha.nsaasanaayai namaH |

OM niilaja~Nghaayai namaH |

OM brahmavishhNushivaatmikaayai namaH |108