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.. shrii satyanaaraayaNa ashhTottara naamaavali (108 names) ..
{.. shriisatyanaaraayaNa ashhTottaranaamaavali ..}

OM satyadevaaya namaH .
OM satyaatmane namaH .
OM satyabhuutaaya namaH .
OM satyapurushhaaya namaH .
OM satyanaathaaya namaH .
OM satyasaaxiNe namaH .
OM satyayogaaya namaH .
OM satyaGYaanaaya namaH .
OM satyaGYaanapriyaaya namaH . (9)

OM satyanidhaye namaH .
OM satyasambhavaaya namaH .
OM satyaprabhuve namaH .
OM satyeshvaraaya namaH .
OM satyakarmaNe namaH .
OM satyapavitraaya namaH .
OM satyama.ngalaaya namaH .
OM satyagarbhaaya namaH .
OM satyaprajaapataye namaH . (18)

OM satyavikramaaya namaH .
OM satyasiddhaaya namaH .
OM satyaachyutaaya namaH .
OM satyaviiraaya namaH .
OM satyabodhaaya namaH .
OM satyadharmaaya namaH .
OM satyaagrajaaya namaH .
OM satyasa.ntushhTaaya namaH .
OM satyavaraahaaya namaH . (27)

OM satyapaaraayaNaaya namaH .
OM satyapuurNaaya namaH .
OM satyaushhadhaaya namaH .
OM satyashaashvataaya namaH .
OM satyapravardhanaaya namaH .
OM satyavibhave namaH .
OM satyajyeshhThaaya namaH .
OM satyashreshhThaaya namaH .
OM satyavikramiNe namaH . (36)

OM satyadhanvine namaH .
OM satyamedhaaya namaH .
OM satyaadhiishaaya namaH .
OM satyakratave namaH .
OM satyakaalaaya namaH .
OM satyavatsalaaya namaH .
OM satyavasave namaH .
OM satyameghaaya namaH .
OM satyarudraaya namaH . (45)

OM satyabrahmaNe namaH .
OM satyaamR^itaaya namaH .
OM satyavedaaN^gaaya namaH .
OM satyachaturaatmane namaH .
OM satyabhoktre namaH .
OM satyashuchaye namaH .
OM satyaarjitaaya namaH .
OM satye.ndraaya namaH .
OM satyasa.ngaraaya namaH . (54)

OM satyasvargaaya namaH .
OM satyaniyamaaya namaH .
OM satyamedhaaya namaH .
OM satyavedyaaya namaH .
OM satyapiiyuushhaaya namaH .
OM satyamaayaaya namaH .
OM satyamohaaya namaH .
OM satyasuraana.ndaaya namaH .
OM satyasaagaraaya namaH . (63)

OM satyatapase namaH .
OM satyasi.nhaaya namaH .
OM satyamR^igaaya namaH .
OM satyalokapaalakaaya namaH .
OM satyasthitaaya namaH .
OM satyadikpaalakaaya namaH .
OM satyadhanurdharaaya namaH .
OM satyaambujaaya namaH .
OM satyavaakyaaya namaH . (72)

OM satyagurave namaH .
OM satyanyaayaaya namaH .
OM satyasaaxiNe namaH .
OM satyasa.nvR^itaaya namaH .
OM satyasampradaaya namaH .
OM satyavahnaye namaH .
OM satyavaayuve namaH .
OM satyashikharaaya namaH .
OM satyaana.ndaaya namaH . (81)

OM satyaadhiraajaaya namaH .
OM satyashriipaadaaya namaH .
OM satyaguhyaaya namaH .
OM satyodaraaya namaH .
OM satyahR^idayaaya namaH .
OM satyakamalaaya namaH .
OM satyanaalaaya namaH .
OM satyahastaaya namaH .
OM satyabaahave namaH . (90)

OM satyamukhaaya namaH .
OM satyajihvaaya namaH .
OM satyadau.nshhTraaya namaH .
OM satyanaashikaaya namaH .
OM satyashrotraaya namaH .
OM satyachaxase namaH .
OM satyashirase namaH .
OM satyamukuTaaya namaH .
OM satyaaMbaraaya namaH . (99)

OM satyaabharaNaaya namaH .
OM satyaayudhaaya namaH .
OM satyashriivallabhaaya namaH .
OM satyaguptaaya namaH .
OM satyapushhkaraaya namaH .
OM satyaadhridaaya namaH .
OM satyabhaamaavataarakaaya namaH .
OM satyagR^iharuupiNe namaH .
OM satyapraharaNaayudhaaya namaH . (108)

.. iti satyanaaraayaNaashhTottarashata naamaavaliH ..