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Siva Ashtotra Namavali

.. OM ..

shivaaya namaH .

maheshvaraaya namaH .

shaMbhave namaH .

pinaakine namaH .

shashishekharaaya namaH .

vaamadevaaya namaH .

viruupaakshaaya namaH .

kapardine namaH .

niilalohitaaya namaH .

sha.nkaraaya namaH .

shuulapaaNaye namaH .

khaTvaa.ngine namaH .

vishhNuvallabhaaya namaH .

shipivishhTaaya namaH .

aMbikaanaathaaya namaH .

shriikaNThaaya namaH .

bhaktavatsalaaya namaH .

bhavaaya namaH .

sharvaaya namaH .

trilokeshaaya namaH .

shitikaNThaaya namaH .

shivaa priyaaya namaH .

ugraaya namaH .

kapaaline namaH .

kaamaaraye namaH .

andhakaasurasR^idanaaya namaH .

ga.ngaadharaaya namaH .

lalaaTaakshaaya namaH .

kaalakaalaaya namaH .

kR^ipaanidhaye namaH .

bhiimaaya namaH .

parashuhastaaya namaH .

mR^igapaaNaye namaH .

jaTaadharaaya namaH .

kailaashavaasine namaH .

kavachine namaH .

kaThoraaya namaH .

tripuraantakaaya namaH .

vR^ishhaa.nkaaya namaH .

vR^ishhabhaaruuDhaaya namaH .

bhasmoddhuulita vigrahaaya namaH .

saamapriyaaya namaH .

svaramayaaya namaH .

trayiimuurtaye namaH .

aniishvaraaya namaH .

sarvaGYaaya namaH .

paramaatmane namaH .

somasuuryaagnilochanaaya namaH .

havishhe namaH .

yaGYamayaaya namaH .

somaaya namaH .

pa.nchavaktraaya namaH .

sadaashivaaya namaH .

vishveshvaraaya namaH .

viirabhadraaya namaH .

gaNanaathaaya namaH .

prajaapataye namaH .

hiraNyaretase namaH .

durdharshhaaya namaH .

giriishaaya namaH .

girishaaya namaH .

anaghaaya namaH .

bhujaMgabhuushhaNaaya namaH .

bhargaaya namaH .

giridhanvane namaH .

giripriyaaya namaH .

kR^ittivaasase namaH .

puraaraataye namaH .

bhagavate namaH .

pramathaadhipaaya namaH .

mR^ityu.njayaaya namaH .

suukshmatanave namaH .

jagadvyaapine namaH .

jagad.hguruve namaH .

vyomakeshaaya namaH .

mahaasenajanakaaya namaH .

chaaruvikramaaya namaH .

rudraaya namaH .

bhuutapataye namaH .

sthaaNave namaH .

ahayebudhnyaaya namaH .

digaMbaraaya namaH .

ashhTamuurtaye namaH .

anekaatmane namaH .

saatvikaaya namaH .

shuddhavigrahaaya namaH .

shaashvataaya namaH .

khaNDaparashave namaH .

aGYaaya namaH .

paashavimochakaaya namaH .

mR^iDaaya namaH .

pashupataye namaH .

devaaya namaH .

mahaadevaaya namaH .

avyayaaya namaH .

haraye namaH .

bhaganetrabhide namaH .

avyaktaaya namaH .

dakshaadhvaraharaaya namaH .

haraaya namaH .

puushhadantabhide namaH .

avyagraaya namaH .

sahasraakshaaya namaH .

sahasrapade namaH .

apavargapradaaya namaH .

anantaaya namaH .

taarakaaya namaH .

parameshvaraaya namaH .

.. iti shriishivaashhTottarashata naamaavaliH ..